September 13th, 2010


The insanity of memory

While out earlier, I was like, "I could really use my hat." Then I was like, "Where did I put it?" I checked my backpack, and it wasn't there. I had this sudden fear that I'd forgotten it at the Chinese restaurant I'd been to the night before, because I clearly remembered having had my hat on during my walk last night and at the restaurant. I mean seriously, I had a clear memory of having had my hat on my head. I even remembered taking it off once I sat down at the restaurant. I also remembered putting it in my backpack.

When I got back, I checked all over. Finally found it in this big plastic bag that had my new winter coat in it. Suddenly I realized that I had put my hat in that bag several days ago upon leaving the store, and it had been there the entire time. So I know that the memory of having my hat with me last night is false, but it's still there. When I push on parts of it, I reveal it to be a lie and can see past the lie to the memory of having a bare head last night, the entire time. But the false memory is still there. Very annoying.

So basically, I go from having more holes than memories to begin with, to now my mind is making up fake memories. >:-(

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Wish me luck!

Today I turned in the application, bank statement, and application fee for hopefully getting into that apartment a block or two from Brooke's apartment, the one that was insisting on an in-person cosigner until I got them to consider by reviewing my bank statement. Since the 13K wasn't on last month's statement, it's a good thing the apartment wasn't going to be available until September. It'll be a day or so before I know the answer. Wish me luck! I sooooo want this apartment so I can stop looking for my own place, and still be close to Brooke. :-D

In unrelated news, I realized I can now inform my entire social network of changes 160 characters or fewer with a single text message: Send a text to my Dreamwidth, it cross-posts to my LJ, my LJ cross-posts to Twitter and Facebook. :-D

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