September 4th, 2010

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Random acts of evil

Random act of evil in Vancouver a few days ago: woman attacks another woman with acid for no apparent reason.

Now another woman, this time in Arizona, has been attacked by having acid thrown in her face.

The acid involved (at least, in the first attack) has an acidity of 1, which is the worst kind. Like battery acid.

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The Little Mermaid and transsexuality?

my_real_head quoted the following in this post =

My moment of fridge brilliance was when I realized that the movie is an allegory about transsexuality that works just too well. Ariel is born into the wrong body, spends her childhood dreaming about having the right body, is subject to emotional abuse by her father trying to "fix" her, sells her body to pay for some dangerous surgery by an unlicensed doctor (sea witch Ursula), and most importantly, loses her voice. It just makes too much sense. ~ Troublesome

Although, I will point out that since she wanted to change species, that technically makes her Otherkin. :-)

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More on crossposting

I just turned on the setting to crosspost my LiveJournal posts to Facebook and Twitter, because I used to have public posts crosspost to Facebook a long time ago before it stopped working. It only worked when I posted from the web anyway, before.

I am not doing the same with comments, though. Comments are not being crossposted. Just my entries.

EDIT: Seems you can crosspost comments even when it's not default. But I won't be doing that in personal LJs. Just in communities, and only in public posts, and only if the comment is particularly awesome.

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