September 3rd, 2010


Interesting info

Earlier today, I was complaining to myself about people being "in the way," of course meaning they were being obstacles. The part of myself that is Ah'Koi Bahnis but is not as acclimated as Fayanora is to Earth expressions gave me this "WTF?" feeling when I said that. I poked at it a little and got a data-burst that basically contained another revelation about the Ah'Koi Bahnis language and culture. Apparently, s/he didn't understand how "in the way" connected to the concept of being an obstacle; it seems that to the Ah'Koi Bahnis, "in the way" would be parsed as being akin to "s/he is on hir path" and NOT as "s/he is being an obstacle in my path."

*Giggles* And trying to imagine an English speaker trying to clarify the meaning:

"Hey move, you're in the way!"
"In the way? What does my being in the way have to do with you wanting me to move?"
"I mean, you're in my way!"
*WTF face* "I don't even know your way. And again, what does that have to do with moving?"
*Sigh* "You're in my path."
*Blank stare* "..."
"Your body is blocking my path."
*Looks around.* "Oh! You mean I'm being an obstacle. Sorry about that." *Moves*

This is an interesting revelation because I don't often get information from characters without asking for it.

Fuck. I had another post I wanted to refer to, but I can't find the damn thing. I must have mis-tagged it. It was a post I made some months ago wherein an attempt to transliterate something from English to TPNN gave me a better phrase than the one I was trying to transliterate.

Great. LiveJournal used to have a feature where you could do a search within your own LJ, and it's gone now. FML. I hate it when bastard idiots remove useful features like that.

EDIT: Gah! Well, I found it on a friend's journal in the comments, but I'm POSITIVE that I reposted it to my LJ. Gods only know what it's tagged as, though.
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Okay let's hope the boojum doesn't eat this one

I know for a fact I posted this already to my LJ, but I've been looking for it for hours and haven't found it on my own LJ, so the boojum must have eaten it. So reposting to both LJ and DW.

This is from the comments in a friend's LiveJournal. She was posting about a T-shirt that says in several languages "You're not my type." My replies =

In my TPNN conlang, "You're not my type" would be "Grehn fii-yahs bah-kuus." Which is literally "We won't fit together." Which has more than one implication. :-D


I should probably specify that, given Ah'Koi Bahnis anatomy, and the fact they're hermaphrodites, that the secondary implication of "We won't fit together" is an insult about the length of the other's, *ahem* grah'bihn.

(Specifically, the grah'bihn, a retractable organ, is on average a couple FEET long.)


I like how I was trying to transliterate "You're not my type," and when I was about to make up a new word for "type" or "variety," my inner Ah'Koi Bahnis said, "Poo! What an inelegant solution that would be. Here, let me show you how it's REALLY done." I must say, I like djair solution better. :-D


I almost forgot, the grah'bihn is *prehensile.* They can lift at least 15 pounds with it. I told a friend about that once; I didn't see her face, but I imagine it went pale.

Bear in mind, though, it's also not as thick as the human version.

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Anthropomorphic furry aliens

I have a bunch of friends who draw anthropomorphic furry people, some of which are aliens. They're kind of interesting in a purely aesthetic sense, but not really my thing. What does an upright, bipedal humanoid need a tail for anyway? The closest I have to this anthro-furry form is the Duenicallo, a furred species who can stand and walk on their hind legs but can only run on all fours. They are also quite tall even on all fours, so in certain places they tend to walk on all fours as well. How badass are the Duenicallo? Well, an elderly Duenicallo with one arm/foreleg missing, a bad back, and cataracts could still swipe Chuck Norris with a paw so hard that it'd break every bone in his puny human body.

Then I have the VERY human-looking Ah'Koi Bahnis; the similarity between them and humans is considered a bizarre and rare fluke in their universe. There are a few other bipedal species mentioned in the stories, but none that look remotely human. Let's see, other species in that universe... There's the tripodal Vlay'arr. The Na'Voom Da look like pleisiosaurs/Nessie. One species looks like giant walking starfish (and I came up with them before I ever heard about the "starfish aliens" trope, and before I ever even HEARD of Spongebob Squarepants.) The Vorsht are centauroid insectoids. The Xazians are made up of cell-like structures that actually bear more resemblance to nano-bots than anything organic, and when not taking another form, they look like silver puddles. Shaokennah look a little like the velociraptors of Jurassic Park, and are basically warm-blooded saurians. And the Xiato are serpentine. Oh, and the Droids are a civilization of free, self-determining, sentient machines of various body types. There are even sentient nanites (nano-bots) in that universe; they call themselves the Nannen.

The Mindeodean universe is populated by a fuckton of human species. But that's because all those species are descended from homo sapiens. The most exotic species there, in forms of appearance, are the Joquari, who have hands where their feet should be (they are adapted to zero-gravity situations). The truly most exotic human species there is the Mindeodeans themselves, because though they look perfectly human, they are radically different on the inside. And even I don't know what the Zokek look like under their masks, yet.

And another storyverse is populated almost entirely with various species of machine intelligences (seriously, I know of about 20 different species already). Organic sentients almost always go extinct in that universe once machine intelligences show up, sometimes from outright hostilities, sometimes to leave a legacy because they're already going extinct, and other times simply because the machines out-compete the organics for resources. (At least one species of machines there didn't become sentient until after they'd killed off the native Organics.) One of the main premises of that story is, " when humans make first contact with an alien species of machines, does that mean humans will be the first race of organics to survive their own "rise of the machines"? "

Well, all for now.

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My day 09/03/2010

I wanted to go to OMSI again today, but had kind of limited time due to getting up at my usual 1 PM. Would've been fine except that, first of all, the bus line 71 - which had been on a reroute for weeks - was back to its old route. I got distracted by my liePod and missed my stop. I ended up getting off at what I thought was Hawthorne - but wasn't - and having to take the line 14 to somewhere where I could then walk to Belmont. Got to the right area just as the bus I needed was leaving (I hate that!). I was thirsty anyway, so I got a Vitamin Water at Walgreen's.

Finally on my way, I got off at the right stop. Got hungry, went to Taco Del Mar. (One of these days I'll learn to eat more than a sandwich for breakfast.)

Then I had to stop off at the storage thing, which was in the area. By the time I was done with that, it was 5:30; I didn't know how late OMSI was open, and I had only the vaguest notion where it was from there. Not knowing how long I'd have to wander to find it, I decided to go to Border's instead.

At Border's, I got a cheap CD by Ministry, an album called "Twitch." Also got a book by seanan_mcguire called "Rosemary and Rue." And lastly, a copy of Fortean Times. (Oh, and some Jelly Bellys.)

That is all.

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A meme I made

Changing tastes meme by [personal profile] fayanora:

We all have tastes that change as we grow older. That's what this meme is all about.

1. What are some things you hated as a child (or teen) that you now love?

2. What are some things you loved as a child (or teen) that you now hate?

3. What are some things you loved as a child (or teen) that you still love?

4. What are some things you hated as a child (or teen) that you still hate?

My answers:

1) Let's see... I used to loathe barbecue sauce, and now I like it. I used to hate hard rock, and love it now. Sweet and sour sauce, too.

2) Pretty much all popular 80's music. Tapioca pudding.

3) Broccoli, spinach, Irish music, and "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet.

4) Circus peanuts, cotton candy, saltwater taffy.

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