August 30th, 2010


Oh wow.

I was reading something on Cracked earlier, and came across this (emphasis mine)

That's the positivity effect. Happy memories tend to remain in your mind in more vivid details, while negative memories fade

Now, you probably have a moody friend who is scoffing at this, because he can spout a long list of ways life has wronged them over the ears. Or, maybe you're that friend.
That process doesn't work in people suffering from depression. They tend not to remember vivid details of memory at all, exchanging it instead for just a vague memory of how lame everything is all the time because their life just sucks and stuff. (Link)

Gee, I have had depression to some degree or another since I was about 5 or 6. My childhood memory is a blur, with a scattering of vivid memories remembered out of order. My memory of the rest of my life isn't much better. I wonder if this is why.

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