August 27th, 2010

moonphase anger

Annoyance is...

...trying to use the computer, and the mouse won't work.

...switching mouses and that doesn't help either.

...finding out it is literally impossible to navigate Gmail without a mouse. (Any website you can't navigate with tabs when your mouse is broken is poorly designed.)

...finding out that the keyboard controls for the cursor, up in the accessibility menu, won't work either.

...trying to make sure you're doing it right by Googling "how to move the cursor without a mouse" and being unable to get to the page that explains it.

...reading the preview text as a last resort, trying it, finding it SHOULD be working, and isn't.

...having to restart.

Thank Goddess the mouse worked again after the restart!

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Wow, I just came up with a way of describing something about me that is just perfect!

A friend of mine recently said, I've heard people say things like "She's really pretty, but she has such an ugly personality". For me, that's a contradiction. If a person has an unpleasant personality, they don't appear attractive to me. It is the norm, for me, for a person's perceived attractiveness to change as I get to know them better, either becoming more attractive if their personality clicks with mine, or less attractive if their personality clashes with mine.

This was my response:


With me, it goes ever farther. People literally change appearance to me as I get to know them. Though nothing about the face, etc. changes, they still look very different after knowing them awhile than they did when we first met. I mean, yeah; if I compare the two images in my mind (the memory of how they looked, and how they look now), the images are identical. But at the same time, they don't look the same at all.

This applies whether I like the person or not. Oh, and it applies to places, too. An unfamiliar place can look exactly the same as it does later under familiarity, and yet still look completely different. It's like when you look at a piece of wood that someone says looks like Richard Nixon, but you don't think it looks like anything at all, and then suddenly you see Richard Nixon's face in it and you can't ever un-see it.

~ ~ ~

PERFECT metaphor! I finally found the perfect metaphor for that phenomena!

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Steph bouncy

I <3 my brain!

I love my brain so much sometimes. It gives me gems like this:

In an alternate universe, the "moral authorities" are against embyonic stem cell research not because of problems with abortion, but because in their society, the dead are honored by being eaten. This includes aborted fetuses. Their wee baby souls will not go to Glorfrag to live in eternal bliss if their bodies are not eaten!

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