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August 26th, 2010

Awesome phone!

Today I bought a Samsung brand TracFone. It is so awesome. I don't have it activated yet, but still it's awesome. It has a camera that has options for size, a timer function (wait's x seconds before taking pic), options for different lighting, and effects: black and white, negative, sepia, emboss, sketch, antique, moonlight, and fog effects. It can do multiple alarms, too. Along with a calculator, there is a super-easy tip calculator. It has a unit converter that converts currency, lengths, weights, volume, area, and temperature. And it does world time! And best of all, the keypad lock prevents pocket-dialing by making you hit "unlock" and then "okay" before it will let your button-pushing do anything. But if you need to call someone in a hurry, just slide open the phone and they ketpad automatically unlocks. It even fits in the same phone holder I've been using for my old phone.

I can't wait to get it activated and the phone number switched over tomorrow!

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Stumbled upon this post earlier. The part from "1. Thinly veiled insults about their inherent superiority with a big cheesy grin on their faces and a super sweet voice." on down is simply disgusting. How anyone could treat anyone that way for any reason is beyond my comprehension. If I caught someone acting that way around anyone, I would avoid them. If I'd previously counted them as a friend, that would likely end the friendship. I hate people who do shit like that, tearing other people down. Sickening.

Also... a crying black woman doesn't garner empathy, people avoid her because they think she's crazy

Times like this, I'm glad I didn't learn all the rules of society. Because really, fuck that noise. I see someone crying, I'm going to think they're in pain. Period. End of story. Besides... I thought neurotypical people were supposed to have empathy? This "one rule for one type of person, another rule for some other type of person" bullshit strikes me as something someone without empathy would come up with. I can feel people's emotions, because I have empathy (and I'm empathic), so I don't need any fucking rules to tell me when and when not to be empathetic.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? Is there ANY way in which humans are NOT fucked up? From fucked-up, restrictive, and unhealthy gender roles ("real men don't cry"*) to fucked-up stereotypes. Fuck stereotypes! I'm sick of all this shit. We as a species need to UN-LEARN a whole bunch of this shit, especially racism. What relevance does the coloration of any part of a person's body have, really? If chihuahuas and Saint Bernards can get along fine, when there is that much difference between them, why do humans get so fucking hung up over something as fucking trivial as colors?


* The most awesome thing recently was an episode of Stargate: SG1 a week or so back when big manly military Jack O'Neill said that there are plenty of excellent reasons for males to cry.

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Phone again

Well apparently the dude got through enough of the switching process before we got cut off that logging in on the website brought up "we have identified an issue with your phone" and codes to enter. Now my new phone is receiving calls and texts, and can send them! Yay!

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30 days of books, days 20 and 21

Day 20 – Favorite kiss

... *thinks* No idea.

Day 21 – Favorite romantic/sexual relationship (including asexual romantic relationships)

Also no idea.

Original meme post with all the questions.

Edited to fix URL

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Good gods, no wonder I haven't been receiving replies to Twitter posts. LoudTwitter hasn't been posting my tweets for a loooong time! *Grumble*

LoudTwitter is down, and has been since June. Anyone know any other similar services?

EDIT: I've got Twittinesis doing it now, sending it to my Dreamwidth, where it should crosspost to here.


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