August 24th, 2010


Eyes and binoculars

Just remembered something. While at the gun and knife show, I tried to look through some binoculars. Couldn't see a damned thing at first. I found I could only see through them one eye at a time; when I tried looking through both eyepieces, everything went dark. After some adjustment and help from Brooke, I finally was able to see through both eyepieces at once, but was seeing double. I eventually figured out I couldn't get any better than that. It reminded me that I had the same kind of problem as a kid; my dad had a pair of binoculars I used to use, and could never manage - in years of using them - to be able to see through both eyepieces at once. Brooke thinks it might be something where my eyes don't track together quite right, and that I could possibly train my eyes to track properly. Me, I don't think it's worth the effort.

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30 days of books, days 18 and 19

Day 18 – Favorite beginning scene in a book

The best I can think of are a tie between the beginning of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," and the beginning of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

Day 19 – Favorite book cover (bonus points for posting an image!)

This one:

Too bad the publishers aren't using that cover anymore. (Click the image link to find out why. It's a doozy.)

Original meme post with all the questions.

Silver Phoenix: Beyond the Kingdom of Xia

EDIT: Amazon has versions of this book with the original cover, and eligible for free shipping, too! I'm going to get it. AND I'm gonna get that MP3 player I've been wanting for ages, too. A 16 gig Coby.

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Writer's Block: Who wants to live forever?

Would you want to live forever? Does your answer change depending on whether or not everyone else gets to live forever as well?
The only way I would want to be immortal was if I could make real my fantasies about uploading my consciousness into a computer, living vicariously through meat-puppet bodies. I would also produce children to raise and give them the option of joining the collective (using genetic samples, and they would come in all colors and kinds). It would be an entire civilization. The fantasy is very involved, I've had years to work on it. We'd colonize an alternate universe with stars but no life, and build dyson spheres around a bunch of the stars. I'd even offer my friends the opportunity to join the collective, or - barring that - to have an immortal body and live with the collective without being linked mentally to them. But with all the people in that new civilization, I'd get over the deaths of those who didn't want to join up. After all, with the technology we'd have at our disposal, pretty much anything is possible, and we'd have a whole lot of exploring to do, what with the internal liveable surface area of the dyson spheres being at least several million square kilometers. And along with Earthlike biospheres, there would be a wide range of others, like a Traipahni biosphere, a biosphere with dinosaurs, and a whole bunch of others.
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My first ever "jake" (look for the definition here) was against a Jesus-freak marketing guru named Mike Enlow. Much hilarity was had with one of his staffers.

Here's what I said:

At 10:40 AM 06/24/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear Bill,
> I was recently told by God that Mr. Enlow is Jesus the Christ come
>back to Earth. I have been preaching this Truth to my flock (I am a
>Shoikinistic Discordian pastor myself), and they have been as eager
>as me to recieve a blessing from Mr. Enlow. My flock is too poor to
>afford one of Mr. Enlow's seminars (recent budget cuts, you
>understand, as our church prepares for the End Days--the end of the
>world was discovered to be August 12th, since August has no
> But Bill, we were wondering if we could meet Mr. Enlow not to hear
>Him preach His gospel (which we know He will preach for free the day
>before Armageddon begins), but to recieve the blessing of being in
>His awesome presence. I know you must be one of His Disciples, so I
>was wondering if you could convince Mr. Enlow to bless us with His
>presence somewhere while we kneel in absolute awe and wonder. Some
>of my flock are frothing at the mouth for the chance to meet the
>Divine Mr. Enlow.
> I have faith that we shall be saved. Thank you, Apostle Bill.
>Blessed in Mr. Enlow's name;
>--Reverend Water-Nymph Nocturnal

This was the response I got:

Mike Enlow is not Jesus
Monday, June 24, 2002 8:08 PM
"Bill - MMIC Staff" <>
"Fayanora Ahnabahn" <>

Mike Enlow is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
He is NOT Jesus Christ.

Mike's desire is for folks to know God through faith in the grace God has
revealed through Jesus Christ. That's the gospel he believes and teaches.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ--and a good friend of Mike Enlow's. He has
been a business mentor--but I am not his (Mike's) follower.

If you would like to know more about the gospel, please let me know.

Bill Nieporte

~ ~ ~

And I've looked up the guy today. Apparently he's retired, but still a nutbag and still spewing nutty garbage on Twitter ( @mikeenlow ) and on his website.

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