August 14th, 2010

Molly 1

Long, but fun, day.

Today started out with kengr and I getting up early so we could go to this thing. I don't know what it was called, but it was like a dealer's room for kinky people, without the rest of a convention. Just $4 a head to get in, and well worth it. All kinds of stuff there. Collapse )

After seeing everything there, we each had a slice of pizza for lunch and, because we were in the area, we went to OMSI because I'd never been there before. Went to OMSI's "science store" first, where I got a book called "Alien Hand Syndrome And Other Too-Weird-Not-To-Be-True Stories" by Alan Bellows, an agate slice (green), a VERY rough and low-quality emerald, a bag of magnetic stones (hemetite, I believe), and a gravity-tube noise-maker. One thing that would have been funny to have but was WAAAAAY too overpriced for me was a 2 gig flash drive that looks like someone plugged in a USB cord and cut the cord.

OMSI is a neat museum, a science museum for both adults and kids. My inner child was amused by a lot of it. Brooke (kengr) got tired and wanted to go; I told her she could go, but I wanted to stay, so I did. I saw almost all the stuff on the ground floor (I skipped a couple things so I could get upstairs faster), then went upstairs. I think the best stuff upstairs was the stuff about nanotechnology, and the animals. The displays about human reproduction were interesting, too; they had a display showing realistic models of human embryos and fetuses at various stages. There was also stuff about aging. Apparently, the reason people get stiffer and less flexible in their old age is because globs of sugar stick to the collagen proteins and restrict the flexibility of the collagens. I also found out what free radicals are; something to do with oxygen byproducts of metabolism made by the mitochondria. I also found out that there exists a nanopaste which can stop bleeding from major wounds, sealing up said wounds; that use of the material (made for another purpose) was discovered by accident. And there are shirts where wine will just slide off without staining. Oh, and I don't remember if it had been done yet or not, but there was one nano-scale thing that could let nerves heal where they couldn't before.

I finally left because my feet were killing me, but I didn't get to see everything. I will definetely be going back, possibly Monday or Tuesday, since if I went back tomorrow, my feet would be very angry with me.

Getting back was interesting. I had only a vague notion how I'd gotten there to begin with, since I'd just been following kengr, but I had enough of a notion to be wandering in the right direction; it helped that I'm somewhat familiar with the area. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes to find a bus stop for the line 14, and I was stimming the whole way there by making noises with that gravity tube thing, which doubtless would have driven kengr insane if I'd done it around hir. :-)
But silly me, I got so tired of waiting for the 14 that when the 4 pulled up, I asked the driver if the 4 intersected the 71's route. It did, so I got on. I'd thought it would follow the 14's path, but no, it went... um... I don't know what direction it was, except that it was going away from Portland city center and turned right, going a few blocks that way til turning left and resuming its anti-citycenterward direction. It eventually intersected the 71's route at a familiar spot. I got off and waited.

I got really hungry waiting there, so I got out this thing I was carrying in case of such an emergency; a small can of chicken salad and a small package of crackers. The crackers were crumbs, and the can was dented. But I gave it several sniff tests, and it smelled fine, so I ate it. I inspected the can after finishing, and though it was dented, there were no holes. After that was when I discovered what running that paddle's texture across my palm could do.

I was about to give up on the 71, I'd been waiting so long, when it finally came and I was able to get back.

And that's all, I guess. Though I will add that I am very glad I took my walking stick with me, as it helped me take some of the load off my feet.