August 2nd, 2010

Dimmu penta

A micro-story

Inspired by this prompt. =

By = Tristan A. Arts

      I didn't scream when it happened. My skin was on fire, burning, but I didn't scream. In fact, I barely noticed it. It had been so long since I felt anything, that my head barely lifted, my eyes barely opened. It didn't matter. None of it mattered anymore. It was a momentary annoyance. There was once a time when mosquito bites had annoyed me more than I felt now. But that had been a very long time ago.

      There, see. The fire is already gone now. I didn't bother looking at my skin, I knew it wouldn't have a mark on it. Wait, what? Oh, clothing. Yes... I think that rotted off ages ago. Clothing isn't really a priority when you don't need to eat or sleep, and can't be killed or wounded. But it sure is cold now.

      Ah, that's right, you don't know. That was so long ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It all started with a wish. It had sounded like a good idea at the time. Terrified of death, when the genie had come out of the lamp and offered me three wishes, I had wished for eternal life, eternal youth, and eternal clarity of mind. I had been so smug, worded it perfectly so that I'd suffer no ill effects of wounds. I thought I'd accounted for everything.

      First, I outlived all my friends. But I'd had to run away and start a new life as a homeless bum long before I had a chance to see them die anyway, because I didn't age. At the time, I thought it was a small price to pay for never having to die.

      After a while, I gave up trying to interact with other people at all. I devoted all my time to finding that damned genie again. It took me 300 years, but finally I succeeded. Only to find out that he didn't do returns.

      Wait, when did I fall? Wait... I remember now. The fire blasted me up into the air. An asteroid, I think. Oh yes, another failed experiment. Sitting where the asteroid would strike, hoping it would kill me. Now I'm sitting in rubble.

      Huh? What? Oh, yes. Must have dozed off there for a moment. Odd, it's a bit warm in here. Ah, I must have slept longer than I thought; the sun is expanding into a red giant. I groan, the most noise I've made for millennia; I know how this will end. Time to sleep again.

      Ugh... how am I supposed to sleep with all this solar plasma ripping the planet to pieces? And where's that damn genie? Surely he's had enough fun by now. I once feared death. Now I ache for it, like a starving man aches for a slice of bread. No, no. No metaphors give it justice. The only thing that could make me feel alive anymore is the chance to die.
      Maybe the genie is dead by now. I doubt the lamp could survive this. Lucky bastard.

      Wait, wasn't it just a minute ago that the earth was being pulled into the expanding sun? How'd I end up inside the sun already? Oh yeah, I remember now. Immortality messes with your sense of time. I am billions of years old now. A century feels like a second, now.

      The fire has returned, only this time it's solar plasma. I'm inside the sun now. Again, my skin feels like it's burning. Heh... it's been a long time since I had a sunburn.

      Once you're in the sun, you can't get out. Pain? I suppose I am in pain. But is it really pain if I don't notice it anymore? It's not the pain that bothers me anymore, it's the pressure. I'm completely invulnerable, but I can still feel pain, and can still feel pressure. I have no idea how much pressure, I was never a scientist. If it weren't for that wish, though, I would have been vaporized. Barring that, crushed to the size of a pea.

      Pressure? Pressure, pressure. I remember pressure. I guess since I haven't burned up, I'm cool under pressure. Cooling. It seems cooler. I wish I could see the outside of this place. Hell, I wish I could see the inside of this place. So much light for so long, it all looks the same after a while. I have to squint, but I... no, the light is gone. Not just reduced, but gone. One minute it was there, then it faded. No, wait... immortality; altered perception of time. Witnessing millions of years pass in what feels like a minute? These thoughts must be terribly slow now. Probably takes 1000 years to think a single word. So this sentence is... does the pause make it longer? Wait, what was I thinking about again?

      No light. Still stuck in the sun, though. No idea how long since it went out. All fusion long since ceased, all heat leached out into space millions of years ago. I'm stuck in the core of a superdense black cinder, all that remains of the star called Sol. I wonder if there are still stars. Alive, that is. Or maybe they've all burned to cinders.

      What to do now? Can't move. Can't talk. What's left to think about now, after all this time, except wondering what to think about? I think I'll sleep. Maybe I'll dream. Or maybe I'll wake up to find it was all a nightmare.

      No, I know. I doubt it will do any good. He might be dead. Even if he's alive, he may not hear me. Or maybe he has absolutely no compassion. I'll try anyway. I think, as loud as I can, screaming inside my mind something I want more than anything I've ever wanted before: "I WISH TO DIE!"


[The End]