July 29th, 2010

Steph Sleepy

Long day

Woke up at noon, early for me. Actually managed it thanks to my cell phone being impossible to reach from the bed.

Had breakfast, then kengr and I went out on our bikes, cameras, and tripods to Rocky Butte (rocky byoot), going up it the way I usually go down it (the road that goes past the Bible college1). She showed me this trail that goes right up to the edge of a cliff. One part of the trail looked pretty dangerous and easy to slide off of and down the cliff. There was a chain attached to a nearby tree, not sure I want to know why.

Further along the road, there was a fuckton of beer bottles, cans, and other assorted returnables and garbage. Lots of empty cigarette packs, too. And gee, right across the road from the Bible College! Those dirty sinful Bibles! ;-) Anyway, we picked up all the returnables. Free money! :-D

One place we rested, near a big boulder, I looked down and saw someone had tossed a couch/sofa down there. No way to retrieve it, and no way to know how gross it was from a distance. I got pictures of it.

On the way up, we found a HUGE swath of wild blackberry vines. Himalayan Blackberries, to be precise; they are not native, and they're considered a noxious weed. But they such yummy berries. We filled two 20-ounce containers full, and that's not counting the ones we ate. Damn, those are hard to pick. The only part of a Himalayan Blackberry vine that doesn't have spines on it are the tops of the leaves, and the berries. There are spines on the stems, spines on the bottoms of the leaves, spines on the SIDES of the leaves, spines on the part that connects the leaves to the stem, and spines around the base of the flowers and berries. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if the spines had spines! And the dead vines are just as dangerous as the live ones. But fresh blackberries are sooooooo yummy! Especially the tart ones!

Speaking of noxious weeds, what I thought was kudzu is actually English Ivy, and is the Oregon equivalent of kudzu, in that it was introduced from elsewhere, grows like mad, and kills trees and other plants. We even saw a couple masses of the stuff that were proof it killed something; you couldn't even tell what it was that had been killed.

We finally got to the top. It's annoying that my camera doesn't do justice to the view. I did get a full 360 degree view on the panorama setting, though. You can see Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, and Mount Hood from there.

Then Kengr had to ruin things. :-) There we were going full-tilt down the mountain road, and she makes us turn and go along this absolutely horrid path that had me considering the best way to murder her, just to show me this path she went up the other day and couldn't get back down, where someone had done a poor job of hacking steps into the dirt. And if I thought *that* was steep, from another angle I could see where it got even worse. I admit, I would not in a million years go up that. I don't blame her for not wanting to go back down it.

Just when I thought we were leaving the area, she took me up an incline and around to the bottom of the cliff that first trail was the top of. By that point, I was so tired I could not care less.

After that, we slogged home. The end.

By the way, I now know I prefer Powerade, or at least the Mountainberry Blast flavor of Powerade, over the lemon-lime Gatorade.

1 = I didn't know Bibles could get college scholarships!