July 26th, 2010

Steph Death Glare

*Cue Lurch's groan*

It was easy, with the massive stress relief caused by getting an income finally (I got disability benefits!), to think I'd made some huge progress healing. But just because I'm not drowning anymore doesn't mean I'm not still struggling. But now I have real proof I'm still depressed. Second day in a row I've overslept because of what I call "Dream addiction." (Being aware and awake enough to know I should wake up, being asleep enough to keep dreaming anyway.) Then when I finally woke up, I stayed in bed for maybe half an hour with "inertia," IE not wanting to do anything at all, even getting up, even though I was fully awake.

It doesn't help that the headache from last night is still hanging around (albeit almost gone) despite pain relievers every 4 to 6 hours.
Dimmu penta

Inverted pentagram

I bought an inverted pentagram necklace last night on eBay. It's 2 inches tall, high quality pewter, and comes with a chain. I spent hours finding just the right one. Actually, I wanted one made of iron or steel, because silver is expensive and I had a slight pewter phobia, thinking pewter had to have lead in it to be pewter. But one I found said "lead free, nickel free" so I looked up "pewter" on Wikipedia and found out I was wrong on that count. The one I got was also *hardened* pewter, so there went another worry. Not that it will be perfect - even silver can get bent or even broken.