July 20th, 2010

Picard facepalm


I just spent a couple hours making a word art picture using Traipahni characters, on Paintbrush, the Mac version of MS Paint. I have to say, I like MS Paint better. On MS Paint, one can choose to have the background color be transparent when pasting. Since making Traipahni characters on the computer is easiest by using lines of another color to line up things properly, the inability of this program to make the white bits be transparent took a lot of getting used to.

Also, there seems to be no way to resize the canvas once you've set the initial size. So I had to save the file as BMP so I could open it later on my PC. And on MS Paint, the cursor changes shape depending on the function. I had no idea how useful this was until I had to work without it - trying to use the pencil and eraser functions on a small scale without the cursor changing is nearly impossible without zooming in twice, and then it is merely difficult.

Anyway, on to talking about the art itself. Obviously, since I'm at Panera right now, and need to finish it up on MS Paint on my PC, I can't post the image here. But I can describe it. It has a very large Ahndahn's Alphabet T as the "center." The AA version of T looks like a stick person with arms straight out, and legs splayed. Coming down from this character are the other characters in the first name of my birth name.1 "R," "ih," "S," "T," "aa," and "N."

Anyway, moving to the left from the original T is just two characters: "air" and "ah." Tara, obviously. Then moving from right to left from the original T is "er," "ee," "S," and "ah." Theresa, my Mom.

I didn't have any way of running Dad's name off the original T, because his name starts with an S, so I had his name running downward from the S in Mom's name: (S), "T," "ee," "V," "eh," and "N."

Then, (and I have no idea why, since I wasn't raised with her, nor was Tara, and I'm closer to many complete strangers than I am to her), I put the name of my half-sister Christine in the piece, running it right-left through my own name so my S was hers, too. "K," "R," "ih," "S," "T," "ee," and "N." (There is no seperate character for C. There's a character for CH, but that's for CH as in "cheese.")

I'm proud of the final product, considering the limitations I had making it. I could get fancier by drawing it myself, but oh well. I think at some point I will indeed do some of this kind of art via drawing, and maybe make the characters hollow so I can fill them with other characters. I also want to do some in English, too, with the normal Roman alphabet. Visual poetry has been interesting me a lot lately.

EDIT: Ooops. "Ih" isn't supposed to be filled in. The one with the filled in circle is "ihn." *Sigh*

1 = In case you're interested: The "R," which is made by running a line horizontally through a circle, erasing the top half of the circle, and erasing the part of the line inside the half-circle. "Ih" is next, it looks like a 9 with a straight line instead of a curved one, the circle part filled in with black. "S" looks like the AA version of T, but has a third line going straight down from between the legs. (It is, admittedly, a person with their grahbihn hanging down.) The T again, then "aa." There are lots of different characters for different vowel sounds. A as in "name" has a different character than A as in "fan," for example. And "aa" is A as in "fan." It looks like a 7 with a diagonal line at the bottom. (I'd link you right to examples, but Panera uses SonicWall filter, which is filtering out my website for some reason.) Then the "N" looks kind of like a capital H turned on its side. The second T in my name also has two characters inside the circle of its head: "F" and "A as in name." My nickname, "Fay."

Odd request

Does anyone know if there's such a thing as writing or drawing paper that comes, say, circular with the lines in a spiral going outward from the center? It would make spiral writing so much easier for me.

Having said that, I just finished doing a spiral writing artwork that is also a spell-write. IE, a written prayer that doubles as art. It's written in TPNN with Traipahni characters, and I added decoration at the bottom. It unintentionally looks a little like the USS Enterprise, but oh well. All the better for the prayer to fly out into the world. :-D

Also, going back to Roman characters after spending so long working in Traipahni characters is a bit disconcerting. On a text message just now, I was looking for the "ah" button on my phone for a couples seconds before realizing why I wouldn't find it. :-) (Well, I'm not actually sure which character I was trying to find, but suffice it to say that it wasn't a Roman character.) I keep seeing English words in Traipahni characters, like "this" spelled "TH" "ih" "S." :-)