July 18th, 2010

moonphase bored

Witches and Pagans

So I just found out that my two favorite magazines, PanGaia and newWitch, are combining into "Witches and Pagans." I dunno what to think of this, I'll have to see the new issue when it comes out.1 SageWoman is remaining the same, and BBI Media, the group that makes all these magazines, has come out with a magazine I might get one of out of curiosity but isn't really my cuppa, called "Crone Magazine."

Since I have an income now, and since I don't have many issues, I hope to build up my back-issue collection of PanGaia, newWitch, and SageWoman.

Oh, and years ago SageWoman wasn't taking writing from trans women. Since I had to email Anne Niven anyway, I decided to ask if such was still the case, and if so, why? I will report back if and when I get a reply.

EDIT: The tagline for SageWoman is "Celebrating the Goddess in every woman." If they still won't take submissions from trans women, I am going to argue the point with them, throw this line back at them and ask them why they're rejecting a whole group of women just because we weren't born with a uterus and ovaries. And add that even for bio-women, there's more to being a woman than having children. That even many bio-women don't want to have kids. I was closeted offline when they first informed me that they don't take submissions from trans women. Now that I'm out of that closet full time, and have been for years, I'm going to make an issue of it if it is still their policy. If I have to write to Feedback Loop (assuming "Witches and Pagans" still has it) about it, I will.

EDIT 2 = I must have misremembered or something, or maybe not been out as trans. Anne Niven, the editor, says there's never been a policy excluding trans women from submitting writing to SageWoman.

1 = I *do* know that I'm a bit frustrated. I was interested in writing an answer to some of their upcoming questions for the Toe-To-Toe section, and now I'll have to see what this new combined mag will look like first.