July 16th, 2010


This is neat

Apparently, there are two kinds of male dung beetles, the ones with big horns, and ones with no horns. How is this? Because while the horned males are fighting, the hornless males sneak into the burrows and sex up the females. And the hornless males have giant bug testicles. Bigger than the bug testicles of the males with giant horns.

This has interesting implications for worldbuilding. I talked some weeks ago about species with vast differences between the genders, but this brings to mind a neat thought: what if there were an alien species where males and females look very dissimilar, AND there are two different kinds of males.

(I wish I could remember the phrase that means "when there are extreme physical differences between the genders.")
Steph angry


Okay, so with the miracle of getting on disability with just one attempt, I seem to have burned up my luck for the next few days at least, if not longer. Or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Let's see... missed a bus the first time and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one. Second time... okay, with that one I got lucky enough to get a driver who let me on between stops. Third time, I got to watch the train I needed cheerfully go on, with me too far to catch it on time. Fourth time, I once again just barely missed the train again. When the next train came, I had to get off two stops early because - this is weird - the green line train I'd caught, that had been going the direction I needed, was changing into a blue line train in the opposite direction at the next stop. So I waited 10 minutes for the next train. Got to 60th, needed the 71 bus line. It arrived 10 minutes early. And while the driver sat for a few minutes to try to make up for being so early, he was impatient to go the entire time, and was a rather fast driver. Like, "hold onto something or you'll go flying" sort of fast. It wasn't quite as bad as The Knight Bus, but not for lack of trying. So I'm not sure if I can count that as good luck or not.

Thinking... 1st was strike, 2 a hit. Three a strike. Four a strike. Five a hit. Three strikes out of five attempts. No wait, I had to get another train after 4, so four strikes out of 6 attempts. Sounds pretty bad to me. :-)
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