July 11th, 2010


Dream for 07/11/2010

I had a dream last night. I was in Dad's den (much cooler, bigger, and more awesome than his real den) surrounded by his books, working on two computers side by side. On one of them, I was editing a page that was full of pictures of Emma Watson. Then I pulled down one of those pull-down screens for projectors and was projecting said page onto the screen. Then I went back to the computers. They had to be shut down for some reason, some kind of virus I think. But I fixed it.

Then, in the same dream, I got off the computers and started reading. It was something about ancient pagans mixing Christianity with their path. As I read it, I was getting images of pagan monuments like pyramids. At one point, a bunch of Ancient Egyptians in ceremonial garb were worshiping at a grave stone. Then for some reason a lion started attacking my hands. There was no pain, and I think the lion may even have been acting playfully, but it terrified me. My dream self started becoming aware of my real body, and was trying to get the face mask off, convinced that the blinding thing (that it hadn't been wearing a little bit ago in the dream) would break the illusion. (If my imagination were that powerful in real life, I'd think of happy bunnies and pixies 24/7). My dream self finally flailed around enough to make the real body respond and off came the face mask, my eyes coming open.
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