July 1st, 2010

Steph Sleepy

Birthday ramblings of a sleep-deprived madwoman high on coffee and sammiches

So 28 years ago, the world began. I was born! I came into this world with problems, as I wasn't breathing after birth. The doctors finally got me breathing, but they never figured out why I hadn't been breathing. I like to think that I knew I was going to have a crappy life and was having second thoughts about going through all that.

I am awake at 9 AM. I was awake at 7 AM. Not pulling an all nighter, no; I had to wake up early. (No, no job interviews or anything like that. Don't I wish!) Ugh. And of course, the night before, despite going to bed early AND shutting off the computer early, I got maybe 5 hours of sleep at best, because like a fool I decided to start planning my day the night before. One thing led to another, and before long I had wasted several hours planning my memoirs or something. Stopped doing that, tried being mentally quiet but that didn't work. Thought about trying to focus on faux dream images until I drifted into real dreams, but my mind was going so fast I doubted that would work. So I masturbated. For some reason, masturbation always calms me down and makes me sleepy once I climax. And it worked! I drifted off to sleep not long after that.

Now I'm at Panera. I had breakfast at Subway. I *was* going to eat breakfast at this cafe near Brooke's, but it was cash-only, so I said "Fuck that." I mean, seriously, cash only? In THIS day and age? Who the hell carries cash with them anymore unless they're going to an event like Pride where cash is preferred due to the temporary nature of the setup? They didn't even have an ATM there! I wonder how much business they lose every year because of that ridiculous "cash only" rule?

And Jesus motherfrakking Horatio shiteating Christ on a cracker, why the fuck is it that every time I write far enough on the LJ update page on this laptop, part of the text gets cut off and the scroll bar won't scroll down to it? Goddamn idjit thing making me have to finish typing it in TextEdit! >:-(

I doubt I'm getting any writing done today. Too frakking tired. In fact, I think once my fleets come in on the SFC game, I'll send them off again until tomorrow at 2 PM so I can just drop off to sleep when I get back to Brooke's without having to worry about when to wake up.

I feel like talking a lot today. I pass by these wordy posts when other people write them, or skim them for important content. I don't think the Internet makes people ADD, but if one likes to distract oneself from other things, the Internet is useful for that.

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PS = The location function of LJ's update page thinks I'm in Michigan. Why, I can only guess.

1 = Two of the houses get a little mixed up in my mind, but that's because they were practically identical, inside, despite being about 50 miles away from each other.
Eloise tongue out

Made up expletives

I have a habit of making up curse words out of the blue, mainly because I don't think there's anything wrong with sex and so I don't consider Fuck to be a naughty word. Other curse words tend to get overused to the point of becoming meaningless. So might as well use inherently meaningless words, as I see things. And when I find ones I like, I reuse them. I can't always remember them offhand, but my current favorites include:

1. Razzlefrakkus!
2. Frazzlerakkus!
3. Frakking nadjits!
4. Spazmaglorf!
5. Grafnag!

If I'm sufficiently frustrated or angered by something, I'll either curse in Dvencoilii, the language of the Duenicallo (a Traipahni species) or, since I don't have very much Dvencoilii figured out yet, something that sounds like Dvencoilii. It's a good language to curse in, because it has lots of rolling R's, harsh consonants, and that throat-clearing sound. It's inspired, in part, by Klingon. Though not entirely; I remember first hearing about the throat-clearing sound from a guy who spoke about the Arabic language at our high school once.

There's something really fun and cathartic about expressing one's anger in Dvencoilii. It's a language meant to be spoken by a species of sentient carnivores that are roughly the size of a medium-sized horse, and could probably kill an adult male polar bear with a single swipe of a paw/hand; they could certainly kill a human without even breaking a sweat, or even getting out of bed, for that matter. Piss one off bad enough, and the force from the blow of one of their paws could send the many pieces of your head splattering all over the room, since they can hit hard enough to crush your head like a professional baseball batter taking a sledgehammer to a ripe watermelon. Only, you know, their paws are about the size of a dinner plate.

Anyway... yeah. Duenicallo have lots of sharp teeth, which gives them a certain accent that serves them well. Dvencoilii being their language... I lost my train of thought. Oh well. But Dvencoilii has some curse words in it that would make your hair curl. Some are so bad nobody ever uses them! :-) And at least one was so bad, a Duenicallo would kill you before you had a chance to finish saying it! Not sure how well that would work in the real world, but it's fun.

As a comparison: Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, the trade language of the Ah'Koi Bahnis - a language I have several hundred words for, has only one curse word so far: da-vekii. It literally means "turds." I really need to add some more. I doubt, hanging out with the Duenicallo for so many millennia, that their language would really be so antiseptic.
I was going to figure out what "ass face" would be in TPNN, since I have a word for butt and one for face, just couldn't recall them offhand, but Panera uses a SonicWall filter, and my website is - for reasons I can only guess at - blocked by SonicWall. Oh wait, duh! I have a copy of that file on my laptop. Lemme dig it out... *waits for NeoOffice to load* *gives up on that, loads the file in Opera*

Okay, so "face" is "vubtuhmuh" and "buttocks" is "plompf." So plompftuhmuh, plompfvubtumuh, vubplompf, or somesuch would be TPNN for "ass face." Hmm... yet another case of TPNN being better for clarity of meaning than for the flow of the words. You should see TPNN poetry from my point of view... very hard to write a decent poem in TPNN, the words don't quite flow right. I guess it makes sense, though; even on Traipah, TPNN is a constructed language, built by Traipahni linguists as a universal trade language.

Hey, it's noon. Normally I would still be asleep. *wanders off vaguely*