June 27th, 2010


Adventures in getting lost: 2010

Went out on bike today to try to find nearby cafes with free wifi. Of the ones on my list, I found one, and couldn't get a signal at it. I had lunch at a Subway, and took off again looking. Ended up taking a turn at random and not long after that, getting lost. I had no idea at all where I was until I started going down Fremont, and even then I had only the vaguest notion where I was or where I was going. Finally, I stumbled upon Tillamook, which goes up to the library in the Hollywood district, so I went along that until it came to a stop at this one street. I turned right in an attempt to find where Tillamook continued. In retrospect, I should have turned left. So I got lost again, until I stumbled on Broadway and recognized where I was, and how to get to Panera from there.

So, in an effort to find somewhere nearby so I wouldn't have to go all the way to Panera (the trip there is fun, but coming back is a bitchload of hills), I ended up at Panera anyway. *le sigh*


Also, I love Twhirl (a Twitter client) so much that last night I tried getting the Mac version for my laptop. But the Mac version of Twhirl needs Macs with Intel processors, and mine has a PowerPC processor, so that was a no go. :-(

EDIT: On the way back, found one of the places I was looking for. Closes at 5. I don't get places like that, don't they know how much business they're missing out on by closing so early?