June 22nd, 2010

Dakota F. says eh?


In India, there is a temple whose priests answer questions posed by the faithful. The catch is that the petitioners never know to whom they are speaking. The God of Truth and the God of Falsehood live up to their names, but the God of Diplomacy could choose to lie or not, depending upon his whim.

A child walked in one day and asked the statue on the left, behind which sat a priest:
"Who sitteth next to thee?" The reply was: "The God of Truth"

Then the child went to the statue in the middle and asked: "Who art thou?"
"I am the God of Diplomacy" came the reply.

Finally, the child went to the last statue and inquired: "Who is that in the middle?"
"That is the God of Falsehood" was the answer.

"Thanks, now I know who each of you is" the child said, and left.

Do you?

Ancient steampunk?

If things had been slightly different in our history, Earth could have had an industrial revolution back in the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Steam-powered machines were being invented at the time as curiosities and for temples. It's an interesting idea, and it makes me wonder if anyone has written any alternate timeline stories with an ancient industrial revolution.