June 21st, 2010


Fixing written languages

I've spent most of the day fixing two of my written languages for Traipahni languages, Ahndahn's Alphabet and Dven'bahniss. For Dven'bahniss, a lot of it was getting rid of the capitalized characters, which doubled the number of characters. And Ahndahn's Alphabet had a couple instances of more than one character for the same sound. Both of these written languages are syllabaries, meaning each character represents a specific sound. Duplicates might be useful, but I prefer tidiness in these two. I'll use duplicates when I make the third, combined written tongue. (I'm making a combined version because some characters in Ahndahn's Alphabet just look nicer.)

The main reason, though, for this project was to give the characters names, and to tidy up the character lists. This had the side benefit of making it so I now know how many characters are in each language. Ahndahn's Alphabet has 52 characters (48 are sounds, the other 4 are punctuation). Dven'bahniss has 61 characters (57 sounds, 4 punctuation). I also noticed that a few of the Dven'bahniss characters already were transplants from Ahndahn's Alphabet (I really need another name for that one).

Dven'bahniss had so damn many characters (over 100) before the edit today because each sound had a capital version and a lowercase version. Which had been a rather bulky fix of a problem in Ahndahn's Alphabet; AA was originally written into boxes, and the capitalized words were in boxes with thicker lines. The whole box writing was a pain in the arse, and I've only kept it for extremely formal forms of writing (for things such as plaques and memorials), but at the time I decided to make a new written language, a more informal one, with capital "letters" that wasn't in box writing. I also wanted to add sounds to the language. That's how Dven'bahniss was born.

But later, as you may have surmised, I realized that Dven'bahniss was too bulky. Too many characters to remember, and the capitalized versions sometimes looked very different from the lowercase. So in today's edit, I fixed the problem in both written languages by creating a character called "zehzeht." Put a Zehzeht in front of the character you want to capitalize, it's that simple. In fact... I just had an idea for a "sahn-zehzeht," which would allow one to capitalize a whole word. The difference is the difference between Add and ADD. So it would turn the word into an acronym, without using the equivalent of a period (which is good, because it's a box with an X in it).

By the way, one of the major reasons I made written languages for Trai'pahg'nan'nog and other Traipahni languages is because a lot of their sounds don't translate well to latin characters. Some sounds, like DJ (character name "djahn'ahdj'djoh") really have to be heard because even the explanation doesn't do them justice. (DJ sounds like a cross between the d/j combo and the SH sound, with a soft d.) Also, a syllabary was the simplest written language from what I could see. Spell it how it sounds, what could be simpler?

Tomorrow: a combined version!

The OLD file for Ahndahn's Alphabet (I haven't updated it on the server yet)

OLD Dven'bahniss file.

Trai'pahg'nan'nog language.

EDIT: FUCK FUCK FUCKITY COCK IN A MEATGRINDER AND SET ON FIRE FUCK!!! I thought the BMP and the PNG of the new Ahndahn's Alphabet file were identical, forgetting I had stopped updating the BMP after a while, and when I changed the name of the language to "Dven'Ahndahn," I overwrote the PNG! Now I've lost a bunch of names and all the numbers. Goddamn it! RAAAAGE!


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