May 10th, 2010

Hit Girl

Comparing two Trek episodes

There is an episode of Star Trek: TNG, and an episode of Star Trek: DS9 that both have the same basic idea. In each, a member of one species is raised by members of another species. ST:TNG episode "Suddenly Human" is one of them, and the DS9 episode "Cardassians" (episode 02x05) both have that theme. Of the two, I think "Suddenly Human" did a better job, because while Starfleet made the mistake of assuming they knew what was best for the child involved, at least in "Suddenly Human" Picard finally realized that his side were being idiots and gave the kid back to the man who had raised him. But in "Cardassians," the Cardassian kid was shipped back to Cardassia to his biological father against his wish to remain with his adopted Bajoran parents.