April 30th, 2010


Power outage

Last night the power was out for over 8 hours, in a HUGE area. From 42nd to 82nd, from Fremont to Columbia. All because a raccoon crawled into a substation and got fried.

There were also gunshots outside during the blackout. No idea what came of that, but the cops were out there for many hours, and crime scene tape was up.
cat and girl


Rahkt = Klingon worms used as food.
Rahktajino = Klingon coffee.

Coincidence? Or do they put Rahk in the Rahktajino?

(Rahkt is from Deep Space 9, first mentioned in 2x06, "Melora," but also mentioned in later episodes, like 2x17, "Playing God." It is clearly distinct from gagh. I suspect they're related species, like the difference between turkey and chicken.)