April 24th, 2010


Fascinating realization

I just realized something fascinating. In my Nokwahl novels, the story takes place in the early 3000's AD. Humans are friends with lots of alien species. We got FTL from the Xazians, but then when we started being friends with the Na'Voom Da, a species millions of years in advance of us, we started being introduced to some of their awesome technologies. By the time we meet Nokwahl, ships based on Na'Voom Da technology are almost as common as Xazian ships.

Na'Voom Da technology includes the ability to convert hyperspacial energy into matter, thus synthesizing matter. Engines also run on this hyperspacial energy. Engines which can be very tiny. Usually ranging from the size of a car battery to the size of a small pebble, though larger engines exist. There is also anti-gravity. So... it would be possible in that universe to make something akin to a personal jet-pack. It wouldn't be a jet-pack, exactly; maybe an anti-gravity device with some sort of impulse-like thrusters. But it could allow you to fly almost like Superman, at fast speeds, and would be quiet and cool (wouldn't burn you).

If, that is, it were legal. I dunno if it is or not.