April 17th, 2010

Steph Sleepy

Hard day

Man, I had a hard day. Had to wake up at 10 AM to have time to get ready for Lilla's mom to pick me up at 11 AM to move my computer chair to my storage container. I had her stop off at the library afterward, intending only to check out a book on hold and have her take me back, but she took off and left me at the library. So I stayed there to fill out that questionnaire thing for social security. Took me 2 hours, made me feel like I could sleep for a week, and gave me a headache, but I got it done. Now I just have to have Lilla fill out the 3rd party questionnaire.

Took the bus back. When I got back, I plopped down to take a nap. Slept till 7 PM.