March 17th, 2010



Preliminary to this post: for those who don't already know, I have my own constructed religion/spirituality that started out as a religion for my Traipah world. I grew enamored of it, connected to it in a way I hadn't connected to anything on Earth, so I adopted it. I call it Yahgahn. Though, to be more specific, my particular path is the Shao'Bahn Order version of Yahgahn. The Shao'Bahn Order is a cult (in the old sense of the word) of the Yagahn faith that centers around Shao'Kehn, and has an extended mythology around Shao'Kehn and Ahndahn that most Yahgahn doesn't have.

I'm working on an art piece with spiritual significance to me. It's only in the planning stage so far; I have a VERY rough sketch made on the computer. It features a soul in the middle, being protected by the six Sehn'doi'ahdj, which are kind of hard to explain. They aren't angels, since the Yahgahn version of angels are The Eternal Guardians. But the Sehn'doi'ahdj are... well... anti-demons. There are six main Demons and six main Sehn'doi'ahdj in the Shao'Bahn version of Yahgahn. (There are other, lesser Demons. I don't know if there are other Sehn'doi'ahdj or not.)

The thing to remember about Demons and Sehn'doi'ahdj is that neither are inherently good or evil. True, some of the Demons don't have much legitimate use, but others do.

Anyway, the picture has a soul being protected by the six Sehn'doi'ahdj, protected from the six Demons. The Demons are Death, Fear, Doubt, Hatred, Delusions, and Self-Righteousness. The Sehn'doi'ahdj are Life, Courage, Confidence, Love, Truth, Open-Mindedness. (They both have proper names, too.) I have symbols for all six Sehn'doi'ahdj (Truth and Confidence were hard to figure out, but I eventually settled on bricks for Truth and a rising sun for Confidence). I have a symbol for Hatred (a broken soul), and a symbol for Self-Righteousness (a closed mind, where Open-Mindedness is an open mind), but I'm having difficulty thinking of symbols for Death, Fear, Doubt, and Delusions.

Here is the (extremely) rough sketch:
Like I said, EXTREMELY rough sketch.
The figure in the middle is a soul; the characters on it (a person-like character and what looks like two Fs back-to-back with an O inside it) are S on the top and OHL on the bottom, spelling SOUL, but in the real picture I think I will use ZIRROVAIS, the Traipahni word for soul. The eye at the top is Grahbahn's eye, therefore that's the Sehn'doi'ahdj of Life. The one to the right of that is Courage. (Shao-Kehn's symbol is protection, but it makes me feel courageous). If you turn your head correctly, the one below Courage is a rising sun, and thus Confidence. Right under the soul is an S-like symbol inside a heart, for Love (the S-like symbol is the symbol of Thurr, Deity of Peace); the middle is pointing at a broken soul, the symbol of Hatred. Left-hand corner are the bricks representing Truth. The last two symbols, an open mind and a closed mind, are Open-Mindedness and Self-Righteousness. Which leaves four empty Demon blobs I still need symbols for.

The blob above the eye will be Death. The blob that Courage is poking will be Fear. The rising sun of Confidence will be jabbing Doubt. And Truth's bricks will be fighting off Delusions.

I will share the final picture with you all. In the meantime, I welcome suggestions for symbols to fill the empty blobs.

EDITED TO CLARIFY: Dahk'Nahk, as is its proper name, is actually *self* doubt.