March 16th, 2010



Sometimes the LJ Spotlight has good stuff. I really like corrupted_wish. It reminds me of the game Brooke and I play called "Good News/Bad News." At corrupted_wish, you "grant" the wish of the previous poster, with negative consequences. For example, one I did a bit ago was:

Subject: I wish we could have some decent weather for once.

Body: Granted! For a whole week your region's weather is perfect by whatever standards you deem to be perfect weather, but then not only is it never decent weather there ever again, it is monsoons, tornadoes, and plagues of locusts there for the rest of eternity. The government declares the region a disaster area for good. Everyone finds out it was your wish that caused it, and they dip you in chum and toss you to the tiger sharks. Which have frickin lasers attached to their heads.

I wish I could be solar-powered so I don't *have* to eat.



Macaroni and cheese made more interesting

I made some macaroni and cheese. But I added some stuff to make it more interesting. I do that a lot, but usually just a bit of paprika or cayenne pepper, or some parmesan cheese. This time I outdid myself. I put some of this spice blend for chicken stuff that Brooke gave me into it, a can of peas, and some chopped up pepperoni. It's delicious! :-D

Writer's Block: Brush with stardom

Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?
I was working at Baja Fresh when I met the lead singer of... Nickelback? I think that was it. Don't remember for sure. I didn't recognize him at first, since whatever band he was in I don't listen to. Didn't know who he was until someone else pointed out who he was. He apparently lives in Portland.