March 8th, 2010



Been watching "Enterprise" with kengr lately. I have to say, for all that the plotlines make no sense, I do have to give Enterprise kudos for the Xindi. Awesome idea, 6 sentient species evolving on one planet. I don't think Enterprise is canon, but I'd like the Xindi to be canon. The six species are referred to as = Reptilians, Insectoids, Primates, Arboreals, Aquatics, and Avians. Too bad the Avians went extinct.

I've long been fascinated by the idea of more than one sentient species coexisting on a planet at once. And it's not even that far-fetched. Homo sapiens and Neanderthals coexisted for a time. It'd be neat to find out what might have happened if Neanderthals had continued to exist.

One of my own conworlds, Traipah, has three sentient species on it: Ah'Koi Bahnis, Duenicallo, and Shaokennah. Four, if you count the Zaen, which are symbiotes that about 90% of Ah'Koi Bahnis have. But I don't usually, since the Zaen can't reproduce on their own. Oh, and I've been contemplating adding another sentient species to that planet, a species of sentient planimals. (Planimal = a plant that can move around like an animal, and needs to eat animals to get certain nutrients. Kind of like carnivorous plants like Earth has, but cooler.)

(For those who don't know, "Enterprise" is a Star Trek prequel series that focuses on the first warp 5 Earth vessel, the Enterprise, captained by Captain Archer. Time travel features in the first episode, things get weird, then they get even weirder halfway through the series. If kengr is right, the last episode will retcon the entire series. Like that season of Dallas that was retconned by it being a dream of a comatose kid, but a whole series, not just one season.)

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