February 27th, 2010



There are these awesome stories at crystalhall.org, the Whately Academy stories. Whately academy is awesome, it is a school for mutants but is cooler even than Charles Xavier's school. Partly because the Whately stories focus on Poe Cottage, a cottage for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered folk... including some people who were born into the right sex but their mutant powers changed their sex against their will.

Anyway, beyond being awesome, the Whately Academy stuff has interesting categories for mutant powers. There are two kinds of "mad scientist" types - gadgeteers and devisers. Gadgeteers can make things that others can recreate. Devisers... well... they have their own ideas on how the universe works and can impose their will on the universe, making devices that are impossible yet somehow work anyway. Gadgeteer objects can be reverse-engineered; deviser's "devises" only work if the deviser made them.

Considering the insanely ridiculous pseudo-science of Star Trek sometimes, today I decided it must be a requirement for at least some of the crew to be devisers. "How'd you get out of that situation?" "Well I yadda yadda yadda." "But that's impossible!" "It worked, though." "No, I mean it's literally impossible!"

~ ~ ~

In other news, someone donated $120 to my emergency fund! I didn't recognize the name, but there's a lot of people I know only by LJ username.