February 2nd, 2010



One of the kinds of ships in the Mindeodean military is called the Dosfava Vrata Class Megacarrier. I looked up "Dosfava Vrata" on Google to see if it was anything real, since it sounded like it could be a real term. Didn't get an exact hit, but Google suggested "Dostava Vrata" instead, and that got, among other things, this:


Neat! It was completely unintentional, but might hint at a possible origin for the ship class's name. Although I'm not sure how, exactly. One free online Croatian-to-English translator I tried said "Dostava vrata" means "delivery gate."
*Blinks* OMG! Since it's a megacarrier... dunno how the "gate" part would figure in, but it *would* be delivering a lot of smaller ships! :-D

*Thinks* Hmm... the Dosfava Vrata class carries several spare wormhole generator stations, and has two built in to it. The "gate" part might come from that... hmm...

EDIT: I wonder if I should change the name of that class of ships, and use "Dosfava Vrata" for the name of the wormhole generator stations themselves?