January 30th, 2010


Strange dream last night

I had a strange dream last night that was kind of creepy, but entertaining. I wish I could have seen how it ended.

It began with something about Mexican immigrants being betrayed somehow and the betrayed getting revenge on the betrayers by using ghosts to posess the bodies of the betrayers' daughters and force them into prostitution.

Then, by a bridge I can't recall, it moved into something about a new kind of bug spray that was really some kind of energy field people "sprayed" around their houses. Given its properties, I wondered how come people weren't killed by the energy too, and was informed (via *just knowing*) that it was somehow toxic to humans, too. How, I have no idea.

Somehow this drifted into the next scene: a woman looking like a blond Bettie Page standing up on a ladder against a tall metal fence, trying to cut one of her roses off and having difficulty. At one point, she almost fell off the ladder. I was a passer-by. An old red Monte Carlo (like my family used to own) was in the scene, too, its driver's side door open as if an invitation.

Somehow the passer-by I was got invited to some old woman's house (which looked uncannily like a house in the country I used to live at) to chat. When I was done chatting with the woman and her daughter, I started to leave, but there was a sense of foreboding. That deadly "bug spray" was somehow involved. When I got into my car (the old blue Pontiac Sunbird I used to drive before it had a run-in with a deer) and started driving away, her cat was hunting bugs that weren't really bugs (no idea what that was all about) and I knew something was wrong. I don't remember why, but something expected me to turn right; I turned left instead. And my voice narrated the scene with "I was the last person to see any of them alive."

How driving to Anita turned into walking in a town resembling Cumberland, I don't know. I think there was also briefly something about me being a suspect in the previous scene's death, but that kind of faded. Anyway, I was late for school, and in the wrong town. I thought I was late, anyway; when I checked the time, it was actually 4 AM (yes, in the dream). I started trudging up this hill that Cumberland didn't really have, and had it in my mind that there was a bus stop for the school down on the highway.

However, the hill got higher and at one point I tried climbing the grassy side. There was this kid, a boy about 6 years old, who seemed to have no trouble following me wherever I went, and I got the impression from him that he was annoying. It was just an impression at the time. Anyway, I slide down the grassy hill and gave up going that way, continuing along the path. The path suddenly dropped. I stopped myself in time, but then decided to try it, sliding down on purpose shouting, "GERONIMO!"

The bottom of the dropping path had me in a scene I can barely describe adequately. It was like a nature path in the woods, but more open, and there were a bunch of huge wooden beams crossing each other like I was under some massive bridge or something. That kid was still following me somehow. And he was getting creepy. He was chanting some rhyme I can't remember, getting this creepy look in his eyes, and was somehow managing to make dropping mud out of his hands look creepy. (Possibly to do with the fact he didn't need to pick up any mud for it to materialize in his hands.) His chant was somehow leading me forward, and at one point mentioned the crossing wooden beams.

Creepy Kid led me to something like a highway reststop crossed with a tourist trap. I climbed the stairs, and he was saying something I responded to; I responded with something like "Shut up, Jacob." And the other people in the area were looking at me like "Who is she talking to?" Because I guess Creepy Kid/Jacob was a ghost. At one point he was holding onto me, I think. No idea why. I woke up before the dream could go any further.