January 23rd, 2010


Worth repeating

This was broken into three comments on Facebook: the initial status message and two replies in my own thread to expand on the subject =

Original status message: All babies look the same to me. Does that make me racist against babies?

Comment 1: Actually, to be honest, my brain generally puts all strangers into the same box unless it has a reason to process them as people. So all strangers look alike to me as long as my brain has no reason to pay more attention to them. Which I guess would mean I'm racist against the whole human race. :-D

Comment 2: And oddly enough, for some reason I recognize more older children (ages 7 through 14) by sight after seeing them once or twice than adults. For most people it's the other way around. I think one big reason so many adults treat children as less than human is because most people can't tell most strange kids apart from each other. There are other reasons, though. None of them valid. Kids may be less experienced with the world, and depend on adults for guidance, but that doesn't give anyone the right to dehumanize or belittle kids. Parenting and teaching should be a journey of mutual love and respect. Emphasis on the word MUTUAL. How do people expect to get respect from kids if they don't show kids any respect? Respect is earned, not demanded. Respect is like friendship: you get respect by respecting others.