January 22nd, 2010


I think the Scots must have come up with this one

The Fayanora-mangled version of a joke kengr told me:

A platoon of British soldiers is marching in Scotland one day when a Scotsman comes up from behind a ridge and starts shouting, "Ye yellow bellied cowards! I kin take all ye on meself! Come get me if ya be brave enough!"* and then went back behind the ridge.

Well, not taking kindly to being called cowards, the leader urged his men to take the Scotsman up on his offer and waits while they go over behind the ridge to teach the Scotsman a lesson.

They go over the ridge, and the Captain hears hacking and slashing, screams, and cries of pain. A few minutes later, three men come running out from behind the ridge and shout, "IT'S A TRAP, SIR! There's TWO of them!"

* = My Scots accent sucks.