January 15th, 2010


Evil idea

I think it would be awesome to have a kids show that subtly leans leftward, and thus generates criticism from the Far Right. Evil idea to fit in with that: I'd love to do things on that show just to fuck with the minds of the parents. One idea I had was this: at some point in the show, not right away but after the controversy over the show gets to a fever pitch (or as close to fever pitch as the Right can manage), I'll have something happen that will amuse me; at some point in one episode of the show, a message would flash for a split second, long enough to be noticed but not long enough for anyone to read without going back and pausing the show at the precise moment of the flash. The panel would read "This panel was put here just to make your parents paranoid. (Our *real* subliminal messages go by too fast for anyone to even notice!)"

I am evil. >:-D