January 14th, 2010


Brain is slow, needs help

I am figuring out designs for Mindeodean military vessels. I have the designs in my head, but I need help figuring out the sizes. I have the Shreesa Class figured out, by making them slightly larger than an F-15 (though if the measurements seem blatantly impossible to you, please let me know). But I can't figure out the others yet. I don't want to make them too small or too big, and I'm having trouble figuring out the scale of the models I have in my head. I even have drawings of the Shreesa Class and the Telnoraag Class, though not uploaded to computer.

Shreesa Class L.A.C. (Light Attack Craft) – As the name implies, this is a light attack craft. It's designed for both space flight and for use in atmosphere. It is 75 feet long, 25 feet tall, and has a 50 foot wingspan. It has two holes built in to either side of the rear engine, for being held in place while being transported on a supercarrier. Shreesa Class ships have thrusters, sub-light engines, lightspeed drive, and wormhole drive (for emergency use only). They normally get from system to system by being transported on other ships, like the Telnoraag Class Supercarriers. Shreesa Class LACs can fit two people plus a small bit of cargo. (As you can probably guess, the various drives have been miniaturized over time.)

Ziesva [zee-ess-vah] Class Patrol Vessels – The Ziesva Class vessels are used primarily for patrolling the edges of solar systems (which the Mindeodeans define as a spherical shape around the system, instead of the circular shape most scifi cultures seem to have), always on the lookout for anyone trying to get in from somewhere other than one of the designated entry points, like the wormhole generator stations for example. I'm not sure how big these should be. I want them big enough to stay out for long periods of time before needing to return (not for fuel - fusion generators onboard), to have lots of cargo space, and to be able to hold other ships inside them. I was thinking about some aircraft carriers, how some of them are over 1000 feet long, and I can't decide if that's too big or too small. They also need to be heavily armed, to deal with incoming enemies, space pirates, etc. My original idea for them was to be slightly longer than a football field and just wide enough to crush the bleachers if they landed on one, but again, I can't decide if that's big enough or not. They, too, have all the standard drives.

(no name yet) Malzavat Class Bombers – These are heavy bomber ships. They're equipped with plasma shields, plasma weapons, gauss cannons (rail guns), cargo space for bombs and spare ammunition, antimatter bombs, fusion bombs, and mass drivers (things to lob big rocks at planets from high orbit), as well as the standard thrusters, lightspeed drive, and wormhole drive.

Telnoraag Class Supercarriers – These ships are massive, designed to carry up to 100,000 Shreesa Class Light Attack Crafts, and still have room for cargo bays. They're equipped with wormhole drive, thrusters, sub-light engines, and lightspeed drive.

I'm still trying to think of other ships as well. Until recently, the Shreesa and the Telnoraag were all I had come up with. I got the idea for the bombers (and the patrol vessels, vaguely) from the Starfleet Commander game. :-D