January 13th, 2010


Dream last night

Last night I had this dream wherein I met a really nice and sweet girl for the first time, and found out she was planning to commit suicide. I watched as she made her farewell letter, and apparently I wasn't planning on stopping her. But before she could eat her last meal (poisoned pancakes), I started to cry and I held her close. I don't think it was an attempt to stop her, but just knowing someone cared - hell, someone who'd only just met her no less - made her decide not to do it.
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A bit of Mindeodean language

Today I decided that the wandering convoy-of-ships nation of Yttrialla (ee-tree-all-ah) needed an official slogan. Considering that its founder, Daaz Yttria, was originally a Mindeodean citizen, and considering his history, I came up with a neat slogan. I decided to make it in Mindeodean language. Since all I had of their language so far was some names, I paved new ground. It took me about an hour to come up with the perfect phrase, and the Mindeodean version influenced the English version. Here it is:

"Telallua rota ae tae nota voroot."
[tell-all-oo-ah rote-ah ay tay note-ah vor-oot]

Which translated into English is "Heartsong (is) loudest in the silence within." Basically, it's another way of saying "Don't let your soul be enslaved by the expectations of others."