January 12th, 2010


Computers with personality

My Apple laptop, Nora, has a personality of her own. :-) She has a hard time connecting to the internet in my bedroom for some reason, though the PC has no problem. The exception is, Nora connects to the net just fine if I'm laying down on the bed and she's sitting on my chest or abdomen. Kinda like a cat in that way, it seems.


A hilarious quote from "Blood Rites" by Jim Butcher:

      "There have been a couple of suspicious deaths around him."
      "Two days ago he sent his driver, girl named Stacy Willis, out to the car with his golf clubs so he could get in a few holes before lunch. Willis opened the trunk and got stung to death by about twenty thousand bees who had somehow swarmed into the limo in the time it took her to walk up to the door and back."
      I nodded. "Ugh. Can't argue there. Gruesomely suspicious."
      "The next morning his personal assistant, a young woman named Sheila Barks, was hit by a runaway car. Killed instantly."
      I pursed my lips. "That doesn't sound so odd."
      "She was waterskiing at the time."