January 10th, 2010


Ask and ye shall recieve

I wanted to use some of the money Mom and Dad got me for Xmas to get an external drive enclosure for a spare 40 gig hard drive I've had sitting around for literally years, and kengr suggested going to ENU Inc. because they have a store in town. I looked up their address, did the Google Maps thing, and couldn't figure out how one was supposed to get from Sandy to 122nd from there by foot, since 122nd goes under a bridge and has no pedestrian walkway. And fuck if I was gonna walk on what was essentially a highway that goes under a bridge, not just once but twice. I didn't even like walking along the *top* of a highway bridge back in Iowa, I sure as fuck wasn't gonna go *under* one.

However, despite not knowing that key part of the route, I went anyway, hoping that I could puzzle out a route when I got there.

It having been over a year since I was last in that area (I used to work down that way), I should have remembered what it was like. I was annoyed to discover, upon getting to the area, that I remembered it now that I could see it. It seemed hopeless; there were ditches, train tracks, thick bushes, and high fences with barbed wire blocking the only ways I could see to get from Sandy to the part of 122nd I needed to be at, except of course for the highway under the bridge. I was about to give up when I saw a bicyclist walking his bike. Something about where he was walking it at made me think he might the answer to my question. I tried getting his attention, but he was too immersed in his iPod to notice me. But he went across the train tracks and, on a whim, I decided to follow him. Without knowing he was doing it, he led me along a rocky path that had apparently been worn there by the feet of many people with the same problem I'd had. When we got to the bottom of the unofficial path, ENU was just across the street.

So yay! I had a problem and the universe provided the solution! :-D And now I have my spare 40 gig hard drive set up as an external drive! :-D