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So I managed to get the seat higher on the bike, it was pretty easy since it has a flipper switch to loosen it instead of needing any tools. But I found a new problem: a cable poking out of the bike that is sharp enough it punctured my skin a bunch of times today, I had to clean up and bandage the wounds. I'm thinking some kind of plastic or rubber nub, or some plastic, rubber, or wax melted on it to blunt it, since I don't know if it can be pinned down or removed.

The temporary headlamp I have for it is, as I remembered, a piece of shit. It was coming apart earlier, I had to unscrew it and put it back together, and then after that was done I couldn't get the switch to work unless the light itself was pushed inward. Finally fixed that with some clear tape. But just as I remember from before, even with something rubber between the ring and the handlebars, the thing quickly starts pointing downward. Piece. Of. Shit.

So next month: a better headlamp, and a rear rack. I'd also like to get a smartphone holder, because I don't trust the case I bought to not fall off while biking.

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