December 23rd, 2009

Steph laugh

A jail meme

From christinathena:

Using only four words, tell me what you would say to me if we woke up in a jail together.

Then copy and paste this into your own Livejournal/Dreamwidth/InsaneJournal and see what responses you get.
Avatar dino

What Fay wants

What I want for the holiday season:

1. Mac OS X 10.4, either downloadable or on a CD-ROM. I can't use one on a DVD-ROM.

2. I can't think of what it's called, but you can put a spare hard drive into it and plug it into a USB port, thus making a sort-of portable hard drive. They're like $20, and I happen to have a spare hard drive. I'll post the name of it as soon as kengr reminds me what it's called. :-D UPDATE: It is "an external drive *enclosure*". (Supply your own drive. See comments.)

3. A gift certificate to Goodwill. Or Subway. Or Hot Topic. Or Target. Or Borders. Or even Kmart. (But NOT Wal-Mart!)

4. A year's paid subscription to Dreamwidth. ( , where my username is - you guessed it - Fayanora)

5. Gift certificate to Sock Dreams ( )

6. Money or prepaid credit/debit card. (Money of any amount, even $1, can be donated to me by clicking the button in this post.)

7. Tracfone minutes.

8. An iPod or similar music player with 20 gig or more drive space.

9. ZIP disks. (Preferably Zip 250). If nowhere else, you can still get them on eBay.