November 23rd, 2009


Like magic

They say sufficiently advanced technology looks like magic. Considering that all elements are made of atoms, and all atoms are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons, it may some day be possible to make gold from hydrogen, which would be the same sort of thing that alchemists were trying to do. In fact, some day it may be possible to assemble whatever atoms you want from a tank of protons, a tank of neutrons, make a plasma, and dunk the plasma in an electric field to add the electrons. (Or however it works. I think cooling of the plasma may be involved.)

But yeah, that would kinda prove the point.

This would be EPIC

I want a mobile home small and/or light enough to be hitched to (and pulled along by) a bicycle. With a bed (cot), a toilet, a way to hook it up to electricity, a way to lock the bike up to the mobile home (to prevent the bike or its tires getting stolen), a microwave, a place to store some food (cans and other non-perishables), and a very light desk or something to put my laptop on while I work on it, or write at. And a skylight that can be covered up to prevent spying. Oh! Also a shower, and hookups for hot and cold water. That would be so cool. Everything I need, and no need to pay for gas. (Well, some of my stuff would have to be stored elsewhere, but oh well.) And room for my clothes.

And while I'm fantasizing, I think I'd like to insulate it with aerogel and wallpaper the inside with that space blanket material. (Which I would take down in summer.) I *think* the aerogel would keep it cool in the summertime, but if not, I could just pedal it to someplace with air conditioning, lock it up, and spend all day in the AC.

Got the idea from a blueprint I saw online earlier.