November 16th, 2009



When wandering about the intertubes today, I found this link about a place with lots of stone towers, which was an inspiration for a new planet in my Mindeodean storyverse.

This is a good thing, because as it stands now, I've been struggling to come up with new planets for this storyverse. Since the whole base premise of the stories is that there are over 700 worlds with humans on them, and that a lot of these had to resort to genetic engineering (and thus become new species) to adapt to their new environments, my muse has been a little perplexed as of late. I need to think of some more of the kind of unusual planets/ecosystems that might make humans need to use genetic engineering to adapt to. So far Mindeodean is the least Earthlike, with the "saltwater and desert" planet of [forgot its name momentarily] being a close second.

I tried Googling some potential settings, but my Google-fu on this topic is failing me. I'm kind of looking for the kind of stuff a real scientist might think of, and had an old Discovery Channel special (the name of which I cannot recall) in mind in that regard. I'd like to watch something like that for possible ideas. Especially since it would be neat to have more than one species in that storyverse that were not very humanlike in appearance anymore. (So far, the only non-bipedal human species in this storyverse are the Joquari, who sort of resemble squid with human hands.)

So, basically, if anyone spots any kind of habitat/environment/ecosystem/etc, real or imagined, that you think might have even the slightest chance of sparking ideas in my brain for alien planets to put humans onto, send me the info either here or at fayanora @ yahoo gmail . com (minus the spaces, of course). Pretty please? (What the hell? I don't use yahoo mail anymore, why did I type that?)
Steph angry

The hell, Gmail?

Usually when I'm responding to an LJ comment in Gmail, I hit the tab button to get to the submit button, and from there I hit enter and it posts (have to hit enter twice more because Gmail's like "you sure you want to do this?", but whatever). But once in a while, I hit the tab and then enter, and it does something completely random. This last time, it went to Google Calendar. WTF, Gmail?


I wonder how likely it would be for humans to adapt to a place like Venus? Would even our technology survive it? How extreme of a planet might humans be able to adapt to? But I'm thinking about places like Titan, which is a lot like early Earth, except that it has methane instead of water.

Along those lines, I'm working on a planet for my Mindeodean storyverse that is an ice planet. Not like the one in Star Wars, no; this one is more like Europa: no snow, no precipitation at all. Just a frozen surface, lots of water but also methane, nitrogen, and other ingredients for life, and one colony ship is forced to try to colonize it. And they do, remarkably.