November 10th, 2009

Steph bouncy

Planning going well

The planning for my next short story is going pretty well; I have lots of cool ideas for it, including recycling not only Telrenni but part of the original failed story as well, turning it into a flashback or memory. It was too good at showing her toughness to just let it die!

At group therapy, someone commented (positively) about how intently I was writing, and I explained I was writing down ideas for my next short story, and why; I explained that I usually write down the basic plot of a story before I write it, but forgot to in the case of my first attempt at a story for the Mindeodean universe, and therefore had no idea where I was going with the story. Well, that's not the *only* reason that story died. The other reason was this Terran character I had there with Telrenni. Supposedly he was also a member of the Red Diamond Brigade, just a newbie, and I had him in there to act to ask questions the readers might ask, which is a plot device I'd read a lot about. But the Red Diamond Brigade is supposed to be the Mindeodean version of the Navy SEALs, but given the myriad enhancements even normal Mindeodeans have over Terrans, it didn't really fit that a Terran, no matter how strong he was for a Terran, would be in the Red Diamond Brigade. Furthermore, why would a newbie be on a very important mission with an obviously skilled and seasoned member? It made no sense, so I didn't try to revive the story.

On another note, I was looking at the info file for the Mindeodean stories, specifically looking at planet names because I've been using Mindeodean colony planets as names for my colonies in the Starfleet Commander game on Facebook (which helps me remember the names), and some of the names I had for colonized planets were... ugly. I had Barvik and Lintal as names of two colonized planets, and then I had these beautiful names, Candareth and Lybeth, for a pair of Venus-like worlds called "The Toxic Sisters." I didn't like that, so I switched them around. Now the Toxic Sisters are Barvik and Lintal, and the two colonized worlds are Candareth and Lybeth. :-)
Elle Fanning

The Abomination

A week before the end of last month, I made what I refer to as The Abomination. It was supposed to be beans and rice. Idiotic me thought I could take a shortcut and cook the rice *and* beans in the same pot at the same time. Naturally, the rice got overcooked and the beans were undercooked. It might have been edible had I been a middle-ages peasant. But since I'm not...

Anyway, it sat in the fridge until just a couple days ago, moldering over because of my self-annoyance and guilt at the wasted food. It was starting to get stinky when I finally threw it out directly into the big garbage thingy outside. Luckily, because the water was coming up out of it, it came out all in one blob. Eeew!

Tonight I tried again, cooking the beans first, setting them aside, then cooking the rice. And herp dee durp if it didn't work this time. I also added a can of black beans and some cooked hamburger. It's yummy! :-D A little bit of paprika gives it a little kick, too. (But not too much.)