November 9th, 2009

Elle Fanning

Female heroes

I was just on Twitter, reading this link which was posted in this Tweet by @feminismtoday, and poignantly it reminded me of something about my Mindeodean stories, due to it talking about women in the military.

In that universe, the main power is the Mindeodean Empire, and empire more like Star Trek's Federation, but without being wimpy. The colony on the planet of Mindeodean was founded by a group of scientists and idealists, and they had to genetically engineer children capable of living on Mindeodean since the planet's ecosystem was so different in key ways from Earth's. While they were at it, they made some other improvements: enhanced strength, nearly unbreakable bones, rapid healing powers, the ability to regrow limbs, and an extended lifespan. They also made Mindeodean males and females the same in strength and size and made both genders a little more androgynous than Terrans (Earth humans) tend to be. (You'd never see a beard on a Mindeodean male, for example; they're no longer capable of growing beards.) Also, over the millennia, the "races" of Mindeodean look very different. Almost all Mindeodeans are some shade of brown.

Anyway, back to the point. In my recent story "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," taking place in that universe, men and women of the Joquari species of human (yes, there are many human species in that universe) fight side-by-side to defend their home. And the Mindeodean admiral, Admiral Telytria (Telyt [tel-eet] of the Ria family), is a woman. But beyond that, my first attempt at a story in that universe featured a Mindeodean woman named Telrenni (Tel of the Renni family)1, a member of the Red Diamond Brigade. The Red Diamond Brigade is a "black ops" sort of group, kind of like the Navy SEALs, only cooler due to the fact that they have many more genetic enhancements than even standard Mindeodeans, enhancements that are great in combat, but they still do things that even enhanced Navy SEALs might hesitate to do. I'm hoping to use Telrenni in a new story, one that shows off her prowess as a Red Diamond Brigadier.

But the real point I wanted to make was that the bit in the article linked above mentioned "sexual tension" between males and females in the military. It reminded me that Mindeodeans live so long that they made it so they're only fertile for a 3 month stretch every 10 years. (Means only 1 menses every ten years.) I doubt that would do anything about sexual tension, but considering that Mindeodeans try to have an equal number of men and women in their military, and the fact that Mindeodean women are just as strong physically as the males even before working at it, as well as there being no DADT policy, any Mindeodean male who tried to rape a Mindeodean female would be in for a world of hurt. Oh, and there are also Terrans and terran-type people from other Empire worlds in the military. They'd have to be *insane* to try anything untoward with a Mindeodean. The *weakest* Mindeodean could pulverize a Terran into small pieces with his or her fists!

Besides which, the whole colony was founded on gender equality, among other things (equality of all people, regardless of race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or even *species* is in their constitution, and there are even more checks and balances in their system than in USA's, to prevent any Mindeodean versions of George W. Bush coming to power or staying in power if they sneak through). There's an Emperor and an Empress (separate elected positions). I haven't figured out the rest of their government yet, though.

1 = Damn, didn't notice the similarity of their names until now. Might change the Admiral's name.