September 14th, 2009

Picard facepalm

Epic idea

I had an awesome idea earlier as I was watching the episode of ST:TNG in season 6 where Picard has a romantic relationship with the head of astrophysics. The idea is this: Captain Jack Harkness, for some reason, gets in the TARDIS with The Doctor and they accidentally get sucked into another universe - the Star Trek universe. Something else happens to keep them from being able to go back through right away, maybe it takes them several weeks to figure out how to get back. Anyway, plenty of time for Captain Harkness to seduce Captain Picard. As we've seen with Ianto, Jack can turn the straightest men into bisexuals, so it could work. :-)

Someone else can have the idea if they want it. I barely have time for my own writing, much less for fanfic.
Steph Sleepy

Not having a good day so far

Not having a good day so far. After putting up with 10 or so minutes of "Ugh, food all looks disgusting," I finally made a hamburger and a bowl of chili. Ate the burger and half the bowl of chili, and was full. Not just full, but "OMG, thanksgiving dinner!" full. Now I knew I'd been getting used to not eating as much; in three years I've gone from being able to down a huge bowl of noodles (like, the whole box of a box of Pasta-Roni or some such) and still have room, to feeling like a stuffed pig after a hamburger and half a (small) bowl of chili.

Anyway, all I wanted to do after that was to sit and digest for an hour, but I dragged my ass to the library, intent on doing an online application. Felt so crappy upon getting here that all I wanted to do was be home. I did make an attempt to fill out an application to FredMeyer's... couldn't figure out how to do so, didn't have the energy to persist. So fuck that, today. Oh, and I have a headache to boot.

Ugh. I'm almost always uncomfortable for *some* reason, but days like this a whole bunch of shit comes together to make my life hell. I feel like a stuffed pig, I have a small but annoying headache, the heat is bugging me, the direct sunlight hurts my eyes even with sunglasses on, and this stupid shirt I'm wearing has a collar that rubs against my neck. I'm also feeling twitchy, like I feel uncomfortable inside my body in general and want out of it. And I feel like cream chipped crap on toast. It's going to SUCK heading back. I think I'll stay here long enough to walk home in the dark, that'll take care of the direct sunlight issue at least.

On the plus side, I found laundry soap at this one discount store for just $1.99, so at least I can do laundry. Oh what fun.