August 17th, 2009


My life according to...

Using only titles from ONE WRITER, cleverly answer these questions. Titles of any work [prose, poetry, oration, theatre] are acceptable.
Pass it on and include me. You can't use the author I used. Try not to repeat a title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as either "My life according to (Author)," or a joke on a title.

Ganked from seraphicideals, who used Tennessee Williams.
Feel free to ask for clarification of why I chose the titles I did.

My Life According to Vladimir Nabokov:

Are you a male or female?
"King, Queen, Knave"

Describe yourself:
"Strong Opinions"

How do you feel:
"Laughter In The Dark"

Describe where you currently live:
"The Seaport"

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
"Other Shores"

Your favorite form of transportation:
"The Enchanter"

Your best friend/s is/are:
"Look At The Harlequins!"

What's the weather like?
"Cloud, Castle, Lake"

Favorite time of day:
"Details of a Sunset"

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:

What is life to you:
"The Gift"

Your favorite color is:
"Pale Fire"

Your fear:

Your relationship:
"Lips To Lips"

What is the best advice you have to give:
"Speak, Memory"

Thought for the Day:
"Terra Incognita"

How I would like to die:
"The Empyrean Path"

My soul's present condition:
"Transparent Things"

My motto:

~ ~ ~

Man, that was hard! I had to look up all his short stories and plays as well as novels in order to get enough titles. Took me over an hour!

From Twitter 08-16-2009

  • 00:20:19: LJ is soooooo boring and dull on weekend nights. Twitter ain't much better.
  • 03:51:21: "Normal" is not neccessary healthy.
  • 04:47:34: @beautifulpyre If I only visited Twitter once a month, I'd never catch up with everything.
  • 17:12:46: "Because ... when your mind is bleeding to death, most people can't see that kind of blood." - Elizabeth Barrette
  • 17:13:30: "Tears are when your soul is bleeding through your eyes." - Me
  • 17:14:16: Elizabeth Barrette can be found at LiveJournal as ysabetwordsmith
  • 23:59:41: Montessori school boots student for Facebook comment.

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Traipahni society

This was a comment to ysabetwordsmith, earlier, that I'm repeating here for ranka and others who don't care to hear me ramble for an hour, because it covers much of the same information as was expressed in my MP3 I posted a few posts back =

In some of my novels and stories, specifically on the planet Traipah, the Traipahni people consider adequate food, shelter, water, education, and health care to be basic "conscious being" rights. Everyone living on Traipah or other planets colonized by Traipahni people are assured the basics for survival, with great social pressures and rewards for making yourself useful. Also there are similar great social pressures and rewards placed upon rich people to give back to society, to the point where rich persons who *don't* give back are shunned and boycotted until they come around.

And not only is education free of charge, but their education system is based on values, skills, critical thinking, keeping education fun, and is set up to find individuals' best ways of learning and teaching them how best they're able to learn.

Furthermore, their society has always been in love with ideas and with art, so intellectuals and artists are encouraged and have a larger market there than even on Earth. Basically you have a whole planet full of people who most of them are the sort of people who would say, "When I have a little money, I spend it on books (or art), and when I have some leftover, I buy food and clothing."

Getting a job on Traipah is fairly easy, too. Whether you've found what you love to do or not, the Guilds will give you apprenticeship in their trade, rewarding good work with money and/or extra food. Then you can either go on to be a full, paid Guild member, or you can explore other options. One can also go into one of the Spiritual/Religious Orders, and one wouldn't even have to be abstinent because Traipahni society doesn't stigmatize sex.

And if one can't find a job one wants to apprentice in to try it, one can take one's time in figuring out what one finds interesting enough to make a career of. And mentally ill or depressed persons don't have to have the added stress caused by financial difficulties here on Earth, so it's a better environment to heal in. And that free health care includes mental health care, too. And free medicine.

Because of all this, the crime rate is really really low, to the point of near non-existence. And regardless of what the crime is, criminals are treated like people and are rehabilitated. You don't find on Traipah the shit like the sex offender registries, the subsequent ostracizing of individuals, and the resulting inability to fit back into society. The Traipahni people long ago figured out that the fear-based approach to criminals and crimes creates more problems than it solves, was creating monsters, and making what monsters there were even worse.

And the whole reason they do all this is because they long ago realized that the better off the poorest among them are, the better off *everyone* will be. Every individual contributes, for good or for ill, to the welfare of the whole, and the more people are desperate, insane, or monstrous, the more desperate, insane, or monstrous the society as a whole will be. Especially since the greater monsters tend to be those seeking to protect society from those they call monsters.

Edited to add:

ysabetwordsmith said: Parts of that sound really clever.

How do they deal with the challenge of teaching people to be industrious when the basics are provided?

My response:

1. Part of it is what you get at that basic level: a tiny apartment, just enough food to get by on, and what food you do get is rather dull. It's a stable "income," but a dull one.

2. Most people on Traipah live with other people, usually in large family groups. It's rare for people to live alone on Traipah.*

3. It's not really safe to live alone on Traipah. There are more things that can kill you on Traipah than there are in Australia. And most of the things that can kill you on Traipah will also eat you. Some won't even wait for you to die before they start to eat you. There are even carnivorous trees, and crocodile-like creatures that are warm-blooded and have feathers and are sometimes big enough to swallow a saltwater crocodile whole. So there's safety in numbers.

* There are a lot of reasons for this whole "living together in family groups" thing:

1. Habitable areas for conscious beings on Traipah are limited by a deep-seated Traipahni belief in being harmonious with the environment, and fear of the consequences if the environment is screwed up, a fear which is based on The Reformation (when the biosphere basically rebelled against the planetary abuse, for lack of better terms, via an explosion of biodiversity with species that almost wiped out Traipahni civilization) and on Jophwaan Island, an island whose ecosystem famously died because of "conscious being" interference, and only recently began to have life living on it again with an entirely new ecosystem.

2. The Ah'Koi Bahnis are just more social than humans. They're also more touch-oriented, needing the physical touch of others very powerfully. So much so that more than 3 months of being alone at a stretch is *very* detrimental to the mental health of Ah'Koi Bahnis individuals.
The Duenicallo and Shaokennah species aren't as socially needy as the Ah'Koi Bahnis, but both of those species are pack animals hunt in packs. (Both of those species being carnivorous, where most Ah'Koi Bahnis are herbivorous.)

In case you're wondering how two carnivorous species and an herbivorous species get along, well:

They didn't, at first. When the Duenicallo first came over to the Tahl'Bahn continent from their own continent of N'Ai'Shahn, they hunted Ah'Koi Bahnis.1 When the AKB started fighting back with sophisticated tools, the Duenicallo realized they were people and made peace with them. Now the only time Duenicallo eat AKB is if it's in the shared culture of an area for Duenicallo to eat the deceased among the AKB, as a form of ritual body disposal. Which *does* happen in a lot of places.

The Shaokennah2 only hunt small game, and sometimes scavenge corpses of larger animals. Ah'Koi Bahnis never interested them, food wise. And Shaokennah have always generally kept to themselves.

At one point in Traipahni history, the AKB and the Duenicallo started taking Shaokennah as slaves. These slaves eventually broke free after a couple thousand years, and the Shaokennah still don't entirely trust either species even 10,000 years after The Reformation. (They can hold a grudge for a very long time.)


1 = The thought of Duenicallo on boats amuses me greatly. They're four-legged carnivores whose forepaws double as hands (and who can stand and walk on their hind legs, but can only run on all fours) and are more massive than polar bears or grizzly bears. (There are two "races" of Duenicallo; pygmy Duenicallo are just a little smaller than grizzly bears. The larger race of Duenicallo are the size of average Arabian horses.)
What amuses me is that Duenicallo *can* swim, but they generally don't like to. They're rather catlike in that regard, as well in how they clean themselves. But they also have characteristics similar to bears, hyenas, and dogs.

2 = Shaokennah are warm-blooded and resemble the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, except that they have shorter snouts, more fingers, smaller claws, and lack the giant toe claws of the 'raptors. Their legs also bend differently, as they share ancestry with a smaller creature called a vungtraf, which is a large warm blooded lizardlike creature with four legs, whose legs are more like a frog's legs.

Ah'Koi Bahnis are humanoid.


From "Best of Both Worlds," Picard says "We have engaged the Borg."

I've heard of getting in bed with the enemy, but this is ridiculous! :-)

(And it fits with the joke that Picard being assimilated was basically rape.)
cognitive hazard


Watching ST:TNG, episode "Best of Both Worlds part 2." And thoughts about the Borg and how they change people by controlling them via assimilation made me think of the second Uplift trilogy by David Brin. That second trilogy is about a bunch of refugee species illegally living on a world called Jijo, which was declared fallow by the government of the Five Galaxies. One of the species there, the traeki, had individuals made up of these different rings; do you remember that infant toy with the colored rings on a ring holder? Like that. Each ring was just a simple animal, with a mind like a sponge or a jellyfish, on its own; put a certain number of these rings together and they'd become a sentient being. It was a collective mind of sorts, because each individual in that species spoke in plurals and the words they used in their thoughts were things like "our fellow rings" or some such.

I remember they fled to Jijo because they were still in the process of uplift by their mentor species, and they were fleeing their mentors' latest upgrade, a Master Ring that subjugated the other rings, turning it from a peaceful, democratic collective into a Borg-like collective, the Master Ring acting like the Queen Borg, only with more control. One of the individuals of that species got kidnapped and forced to upgrade, and the thoughts like "our rings" (or whatever it was) changed to "my rings." Like I said, I don't remember the original species' name, but once an individual got forced to add this Master Ring, their species name changed to the Jophur.

Now, when I first read this series, I was still in high school. In fact, I think I was either in 9th or 10th grade. And I remember I *loved* the traeki character, Asx! I was so sad when he was turned into a Jophur. Gods, I'm going to have to re-read those series now.

~ ~ ~

Oh, and reading that Wikipedia page, I remember I looooooved the G'Kek, too! A biological race engineered to have wheels instead of legs! Awesome!
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DVDs and scratches

I'm looking forward to the day when they replace DVDs and CDs with something better. I am so fed up with scratches that get on them! I think between DVDs and VHS that I prefer VHS; at least the VHS tape wasn't exposed (at least, not all or even most of it) to the outside world!
Dakota F. says eh?

Vague complaint is vague

My right foot, the one I twisted several weeks ago, is still causing me some vague problems. I say vague because I haven't the foggiest idea how to describe the problems. There's no pain, per se. Not even a minor pain or dull ache. But sometimes it... feels funny. That's the best I can describe it. I can also turn it like I used to, but it... feels weird when I do. Again, no pain, not even discomfort, really. Just... funny. And sometimes stepping down on it does that, too. I still limp a tiny bit on occasion. And it's no longer swollen.

I don't know why I'm even posting this. It *is* healing, just rather slowly. I'm just kind of annoyed, more than anything.