August 4th, 2009

Dakota and Elle

The Nines

The Nines - A review

Just got through watching The Nines. Yes, I know this movie has been out for years and years and I'm only now getting around to watching it. But it was one of those movies that is an absolute gem that didn't get even 1/9th the attention it deserved. Someone on the ellefan community (possibly garbomonroe hirself) suggested it to me when I expressed an interest in seeing more of the movies Elle was in, after seeing her in Phoebe In Wonderland.

I went into it not knowing anything about it except that it has Elle Fanning in it (Dakota Fanning's little sister). Since those two are my favorite actresses, it's really the only reason I checked out this movie at all. It ended up being a case of "Thank the Gods Elle was in that movie," because it was COMPLETELY AWESOME! It was something I never would have seen otherwise, but is right up my alley.

It started out a little slow, but only for a few minutes, when the main character (whose first name changes throughout the movie, but always starts with G) took some drugs and went on a "trip." Then it got more normal again.

See, that's the thing I loved the most about this movie: it seems like a normal, conventional work of fiction, and isn't. It starts out normal with a compelling story and then once you're interested in the characters, things get subtly mysterious. Then later, just when you start thinking it's just like some kind of minor mystery show, it right-turns into the bizarre. Then it either becomes a whole new story with the same actors, or lulls you back to thinking it's conventional before going into bizarro-world again. I happen to love weird movies, and it doesn't get much weirder than the struggle between normalcy and bizzaro-world going on in The Nines. And I really can't say anything else about it without giving too much away. Let's just say, though, that it's a genre-defier that pretends to be conventional and ends up as scifi... of a sort. Totally worth watching. On a scale from one to 10, ten being highest, I give it... a nine. :-)

From Twitter 08-03-2009

  • 07:19:51: @GodTheMother I'm still here!
  • 07:23:07: RT @funnyordie Obama clears up the confusion over his birth certificate
  • 07:32:11: RT @DrTimLeary It is wrong to cater to corporate interests when ordinary people are disadvantaged and struggling.
  • 08:05:12: @EmperorNorton That would require thinking, something which is against their religion.
  • 08:08:12: @paper_hand Doubt is the mind-killer, and magick is the mind and willpower influencing the universe. Can't do it if you doubt it.
  • 08:15:47: Gah! Too tired. So much for that job opp. I'll try again next Monday. Got used to getting up earlier this past week, but not early enough.
  • 08:16:46: At this rate, I'd be useless around noon. And I have to find the place. Not in the condition to do that. Fuck I hate job hunting. HIRE ME!
  • 08:17:21: God, Satan, whoever: someone please lead me to a job! WAAA!
  • 08:18:55: Too fat to be a stripper. Prostitution is also out. Too bad I can't regrow lost organs, I'd sell a few of those for $.
  • 08:20:05: Crippling depression isn't helping. Depression has been manifesting lately as an inability to do anything constructive. I hate my life.
  • 08:20:51: *sings* I hate my life, I hate my life, nothing but anger, depression, and strife...*/singing*
  • 08:21:56: And I hate this society, for too many reasons to go into on Twitter.
  • 08:23:57: Well, nighty night fellow Twits.
  • 08:29:28: I wonder how much I could get for 1 of my kidneys.
  • 08:42:15: And for some reason even places desperate for workers aren't calling back. I'd join the circus, but they'd probably turn me down too.
  • 17:10:23: @agent139 LOL! Too true, too true.
  • 17:10:52: @guystyleguide Ha! Yeah.
  • 17:12:31: RT @EricArtmin Jesus was a social radical, killed by religious traditionalists. #spon
  • 17:14:14: RT @EricArtmin It's wrong to go to war unilaterally. It's wrong to foster a distrust of progress. It's wrong to promote a fear of otherness.
  • 17:14:38: @EricArtmin Eh?
  • 17:15:35: RT @EricArtmin RT @Paul2eD: Chinese Researchers Grow Live Mice From Skin Cells #spon
  • 17:16:33: RT @EricArtmin CBO Scores Confirms Deficit Neutrality of Health Reform Bill... produces a $6 billion surplus...
  • 17:20:51: RT @EricArtmin RT @PabloTweedy Evolutionary Adaption Of Bacteria Witnessed In Lab
  • 17:21:06: "if life were run as an experiment twice, it wouldn't produce the same results." Cool!
  • 17:28:08: RT @cmfcknw: President? Get real. Sarah Palin couldnt manage a Walmart. She has neither the management skills nor the capacity for detail
  • 17:33:24: RT @Jablair51 ".@TheUncleBob C'mon. You work at Wal-mart. Did you even have to pay federal taxes last year?"
  • 17:36:55: RT @EmperorNorton RT @Hololio2: RT @HunterDK: Torture good. Healthcare bad. All you need to know about modern conservatism.| #tcot #tlot
  • 17:51:04: @donttrythis I'm not a spambot, but I'm not human either. I AM A CYLON! "By your command."
  • 17:54:11: @wilw Conspiracy theorists like to feel important. And since they aren't, they pretend they know "the terrible truth!"
  • 17:54:26: RT @BoingBoing "Snow Day," by Emma: 8-year-old girl rocks out massively. #musicmonday
  • 18:00:15: RT @mactonnies Experts puzzled by spot on Venus:
  • 18:20:56: has a knack for making history fun. Their site should be a requirement in history classes!
  • 18:41:35: 6 formerly kickass creatures ruined by evolution:
  • 19:54:55: 5 things they say will give you cancer (and why they're wrong) =
  • 21:11:40: @GaryJBusey Dude, a dreamcatcher is supposed to prevent nightmares. So are you saying you want to prevent wet dreams?
  • 21:14:46: @paper_hand Odd.
  • 21:17:55: @paper_hand Even if magick didn't have any effect on the world, it still has a positive effect on the mind, which leads to the same effect.

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