August 3rd, 2009


"A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi"

"A Fronte Praecipitium a Tergo Lupi"
By = Tristan A. Arts

The boa constrictor is wound 'round my neck,
And I find my hands are bound;
I'm tied to a large stone,
My blood to water the ground.

I am gagged and cannot speak,
Awaiting the final blow;
I could escape this situation
If only I could grow.

I know that even if I escaped,
One side of the rock is by a cliff;
And the wolves that guard the other side
Will not wait for me to turn stiff.

~ ~ ~

Originally posted over here. I think it nicely describes how I've been feeling these last few months, and more so as August 31st approaches.
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Marie Callender's pot pie

This Marie Callender's pot pie is the most awesome pot pie I've ever had! The potatos and the carrots are still slightly al dente, and taste fresh! And they're in chunks, not diced pieces! There's huge chunks of meat, too. Cool!