June 21st, 2009

Dakota and Elle


I had some interesting dreams the last couple nights.

The first one, the night before last, had me and a 5 year old little girl having a conversation. And boy was it a conversation! Well, it was more like she was the world's youngest college professor and she was lecturing me about stories of desert (sp? anyway, as in arid wasteland) monsters through history and women's role in preserving these stories.

The dream I had last night was different. This time *I* was a little girl, about 10 years old. I was outside doing some kind of exercise involving trying to pull my whole weight up by these straps that hung down. I was having difficulty and getting frustrated, when this sports coach guy (who was pretty handsome) came up and said, "Come on, follow me" or something to that effect, and I did. He guided me to school and used a walkie-talkie to call another student, a boy; the boy came up with his bike and the coach guy said we were all going to go biking together. (Oh, and all the way to the school, I was explaining why I have difficulty with things sometimes and I'm pretty sure I mentioned my Asperger's in there for some reason.) But I told them I couldn't do that because my bike's front tire was flat and I don't have an air pump (which, I found out yesterday, are both true). But he said that was no problem, we'd get it fixed. So we went along together for a while, but then the details got fuzzy and I think I woke up not long after that.

Oh, and I had another of those infuriating "my eyes won't stay open" dreams. Something to do with being on some bleachers and watching some kind of event.

Bleachers... what a funny name for what they are. I've never seen bleachers actually do any bleaching, unless it's sunny outside and hair gets bleached from the sun. But then it's the sun doing the bleaching, so... ah well. :-)

Oh so strange

Just got a call from one of the contests I signed up for at Pride. They told me I'd won a round trip for two to my choice of Cancun, Orlando, or some other place (I forget where). But during the verification process, I had to admit Brooke and me do not have a combined income of $50,000, and seems that put me out of the running for that, but I'm in the running for a $1000 gift card.

Ah well. Not sure what I would have done with a trip to Cancun or whatnot.

LOL. I so rarely win things that my initial response to finding out I'd won the trip was "Uh huh." She had to explain to me what a big deal it was before it sunk in. :-)