June 14th, 2009

god having gay sex

My first Gay Pride Parade

The Gay Pride festival here in Portland was this weekend. I went to it both Saturday (though late) and Sunday with Brooke (kengr), and today we saw the parade first. The Gay Pride Parade was 2 hours long! There were all kinds of businesses, organizations (especially gay and lesbian and trans groups), churches with welcoming congregations (there was a LOT of those!), and other things. They also had motorbiking "dykes on bikes," a "drag race," and other neat things. Oh, and we missed the naked bike parade yesterday. :-) Hey, did you know it's legal in Portland for women to go around topless? I didn't know that until yesterday. There was a woman going around without even tape or pasties over her nipples, and Brooke said it's legal.

There were a lot of women with no top on, and either with pasties on their nipples or without. There was even a booth at the festival for getting breasts painted (like face paint, but on the breasts). And lots of other interesting outfits. Lots of people in their underwear. What's especially funny, considering all the interesting outfits, is how many kids were there watching! I find that amusing. In fact, I had this image in my mind of what if my Molly aspect had her own body, of her going to pride with an "I like girls" t-shirt on, wearing "slut" and "slave" buttons and the like. Hey, she may be my child side, but even as a child I was so interested in sex and love that if I had been exposed to these ideas back then, I would have tried to get away with something of the kind. (OMG, mental image of the nasty fundy idiot that was there spotting Molly wearing that! He'd have a coronary and then probably use it as ammo if he survived.)

Oh the joys of having plenty of batteries, and then the xd card in my camera ran out of room. It's only 512. I need at least a gig. So I got some videos (still photos with a camera that displays the image for 5 seconds afterward is useless), but only about a fourth of the parade. Brooke got half of it before her battery ran out, and her camera takes nonstandard batteries.

Oh, and there was lots of free stuff there too. I have two frisbees, a water pistol, a bunch of stickers, a bunch of balloons, and other nifty stuff. And I used what little spending money I had to get a $1 pocket-knife keychain and thigh-high rainbow striped socks. I would've gotten toe socks, but those were only knee-high, and I wanted thigh-high.

I also dressed for the occasion. I wore this corset I bought online when I still lived in Osceola, along with a short black skirt and white tights. The corset shows a LOT of skin on me: my belly was exposed, as well as my lower back and my shoulders and shoulderblades. It's the most skin I've exposed... ever, really. Well, above the waist anyway. Oh, and my hair was in braided pigtails, and I was wearing these saddle oxford shoes I bought online while I lived in Iowa still, but had never worn out and about before. They HURT. I had to switch shoes after the parade was over. Anyway, I was going for "Goth schoolgirl" look.

One booth I saw was selling these *bricks* of fries, and hand-dipped corndogs that ranged from regular length to the "make my day" length of about a foot or longer. But they were too expensive for me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I also bought two buttons. One says "girl," and the other says "slave." I got the last "slave" button! Oh, and I got a free shirt! Pride t-shirt for Vancouver, oddly enough.

Also: I have to admit, I was rather confused about how things were set up and when they would happen, as well as where they would be. I almost went to the Q Center instead of the waterfront park, Saturday! And the booths were all shut down when I got there Saturday because I was having one of those days where I didn't want to get out of bed. But the fun today made up for it, and now I know what to expect for next year.

It was a lot of fun! I wanna go next year!