June 5th, 2009

god having gay sex


Drinking from a plastic cup. Made in China, of course. Bottom of the cup says "Warning: do not pour the boiling water into the merchandise."
moonphase anger

Like passing a digital kidney stone...

I have several files stuck in my Recycle Bin. The computer won't let me delete them, won't let me empty the recycle bin of them, won't let me restore them either. I can't use WhoLockMe or FileAssassin on them, either, because they don't come up on the right-click menu in there for some reason.

And of COURSE they're all video files. For some reason, I only have trouble with video files. Especially .mov format. I have to use FileAssassin just to move them from one place to another. No idea if WhoLockMe even works on this computer, either... nothing happens when I click it.

Speaking of things that don't work, Internet Explorer finally updated. It comes up for about 20 seconds when I click on it, before it shuts itself off. I thought IE 8 was supposed to be based on Firefox code? Gods, even when they steal someone else's code they can't get that piece of shit to work right...
Dakota F. says eh?

Weird dream

I had a very weird dream last night. This CEO of a business made a mini-me clone of himself. This clone had a voice like a child, and ended up being the big bad villain, poisoning the CEO and making it look like cancer, just to inherit the position and the money. And the clone sang a Danna Paola song, too, as the CEO was dying! It was a real song, too. I could tell you which one if I could remember the title.
Steph bouncy

Google Maps

I love Google Maps! I just wish my computer could handle the memory requirements. *Sigh* Anyway, I just got directions to this orientation thing (a lead on a possible job) for a place called Starplex CMS. The orientation is Tuesday.

The most awesome part, and the reason I bring up Google Maps, is I was able to pull up street view and get a few screencaps to help me know when to pull the bell. :-D