May 19th, 2009


Evolution is one of God's creations

My friend ysabetwordsmith posted a post with an article about evolution vs. creationism and in response I said, "Always with the "evolution vs intelligent design." Gah! I believe in something that combines the best elements of both: intelligent evolution! God as an artist co-creating with Its creations, in a process of creation wherein things change over time, just like art tends to do anyway."

To which she replied, saying what is the whole reason for this post:

And that, you see, is precisely where most people go wrong: they think like mortals, not like deities. They don't understand the divine scale. A Being who creates a universe is not going to micromanage every molecule of it. Deities work best on a big canvas, and for that one needs big tools. So the gods make Laws of Nature. They sculpt gravity to manage matter. They create life and shape it with evolution.

They aren't going to design every last animal because that would be A) time-consuming and B) boring. The first is like drawing on a computer: you create a brush program, you don't put each pixel in place one at a time. You CAN work on a pixel-by-pixel level, but mostly you don't. The second is like growing a garden: you have a plan, you start things out, you give them some help, but you also let them do their own thing because that's the fun part. You want to find out what happens when you set up a good system and then let it run.

Deities are rarely as fussy or short-sighted as humans. They are more curious, more flexible, and more patient. Of course ... so are cats.
Dakota F. says eh?

This is weird

I was going through my CDs today and discovered something weird: I have two copies of "Toxicity" by System of a Down. And it's not that one is a bought CD and the other is a burned copy, no: both are bought copies. I do not remember buying two copies of this CD.

I have a theory though. You see, I'm sure at least a couple of my CDs ended up with my sister Tara. I wonder if the extra copy of Toxicity is one of hers. If so, then what's really odd here is that it took me 3 years to notice I had two copies of the same CD.
Steph bouncy


Just made au gratin potatoes. From scratch. Without a recipe. And it is DELICIOUS! Count this as a successful food experiment.

What I used:

* 3 large potatoes, sliced
* my remaining cheese sauce mix
* dried milk
* water
* velveeta-ish cheese
* shredded cheddar cheese
* butter
* some dried onion
* pepper to taste
* instant potatoes to thicken

Mixed all but the potatoes together, brought it to a boil, then boiled the potatoes in it till done. Broke up some of them, then served. Simple and delicious.